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The clock was ticking and I suddenly decided to plan a trip and visit the world.The trip which I was delaying from so long.There comes a time in everybody's life when we just want to pack our bags and go on a long un-ending trip to forget all the work stress and relax with family and friends.
But is that so easy?No.Because these days we think a lot before we plan holidays abroad because it seems the most difficult task.
But gone are those days now bacause now we have skyscanner thats helps us finding great deals on our favourite destinations.So we dont need to drop our idea of visiting places.

Now what is skyscanner?
Skyscanner compares over 1000 airlines & online travel agents to find us the cheapest air tickets with a click of a button.It also helps us in finding the cheap hotels & car hire.What I love about skyscanner is thats its totally free.When we find our cheap flights and click to select,they link us directly to the airline or travel agent.

I planned a trip to Paris,because I always wanted to see the beautiful Paris
This is how skyscanner helped me in finding the cheap flights
We just to enter the destination name and other details and they show us charges clearly.
Price for two adults was rs 49,560 rs.

Then I booked room in this hotel
Charges for two were rs 49.342

Skyscanner is truly a travel wizard and I will always check Skyscanner for great flight deals,hotel booking,etc
Its like an online guide to help up planning everything about our dream trip.Life becomes really simple and easy with skyscanner.I would really to like to recommend my friends and family to plan their next trip through skyscanner.

Rishi :)

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