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Whether you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, we all want to earn good money and using our talent or skills we can surely earn. But for this we need marketplace or we need to setup our own shop (physical store or online store to sell online ). But creating our own website these days requires lot of money. Then we need to pay some other charges as well to promote our small business. Monitoring it everyday demands lot of time too. Making money online is not that easy job when there is lot of competition. You will have to spend in making of your products + marketing them too. So what can be a way out? What if I tell you that you focus on creating your products and forget about investing money in self-branding? Yes, that's what I am going to explain in next few lines.

Now creating your FREE ONLINE SHOP is as easy as creating your instagram profile :D . The online marketplace helps people in India to open their free shop at their website and even FREE FACEBOOK SHOP. This really sounds amazing.

Let me introduce this website to you all:

At all interested people can sign up and create their showroom by uploading pictures of their products they want to sell. dont charge any commission from anyone. You can connect with many people through this online platform. I found the showroom of Lusinia quite interesting. At her showroom, she has displayed some cool silk and kashmiri scarfs. All details of the owner of showroom are mentioned on their showroom profiles like their contact info and link to their website so it becomes really easy to explore more of their collection at their websites too. Their is option to message the owner and ask any query related to their product. For example, you can check Lusinia's showroom here Some of the lovely products created by here are:

I am yet to check the collection of other showrooms but I am sure I will find many things worth-buy as is giving us chance to connect with the artisans residing in other countries.

Dont forget to check how showrooms work at , I can say they are like real showroom where people can see many products and select and buy their desired products.

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