Improve your personality with shiny and silky hair : )

Dear friends,

I know that we all are worried for our hair because if our hair look better than only we can look beautiful.For our hair improvement we go to salons but without going to salon also we can improve our hair texture. Here are some tips which I follow to recharge my hair.I want to recharge my hair so that I can go to all parties without worrying about my hair.

I completely agree with this :)

Vitamins are necessary for good hair so I make sure that I add spinach to get vitamin c which is good for promoting hair growth.For shiny hair proteins are also important so I never forget to drink milk daily and I also include egg white in my food -chart.

External hair treatment:

I  mix melted coconut oil and honey and massage through hair .Leave it  on for atleast 20 minutes and then wash normally.

How shiny and silky hair can change my life:

Believe me friends I  improved my hair by following these tips and now before attending my family or friends parties I dont have to waste my money and time in salons because by these remedies we can have silky ,strong and shiny hair which enhances our beauty.

This post is for IndiBlogger and Sunsilk contest!

Have a great day.

Vstyle :)

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