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Hello fashionistas,

The cold shoulder fashion trend this season is everywhere to be seen. Let me tell you off-the-shoulder and cold-shoulder are same thing. Cold-shoulder look has been translated into jumpsuits, dresses and rompers too. No doubt this trend makes you look stylish. Style-conscious women are teeming with off-shoulder blouses dresses. Cold shoulder top or dress leaves skin bare between strap and sleeve. Bare-shoulder look is a big hit among every age group nowadays. I personally love this trend or I can say that I am obsessed with this current trend. I would also like to share some of my favourite Cold Shoulder Fashion Dresses for women from Yoins. You can buy these three trendy dresses which you'll want to wear it all summer as this is summer's hottest trend! Also don't forget to check the other cool outfits on Yoins website.

1. Grey Cold Shoulder Long Sleeves Sweatshirt Dress

Exposed shoulders in this dress are the trendiest and chicest way to show some ski…


Hey readers, pregnancy is a new and very pleasant phase of any woman’s life. If you are going to be a mom for the very first time, the experience will be altogether different and full of ups and downs. Here are some things that a 8 week pregnant woman might like to know..

Baby at 8 weeks in womb

Your baby is now approximately the size of a grape. His tiny hands and feet are now developing webbed little fingers and toes. Other important organs, such as: bronchi, lungs, brain, neural pathways etc are also growing.Although, the external genitals have not developed well enough by now. The baby, at this very stage moves a lot though, you might not be able to feel it just yet.
Physical changes
There are many other body changes that you might notice, such as your breasts getting bigger. You best pants might now start feeling tight. You might be feeling fatigued all the time as your body is working very hard to help nourish and accomodate the baby. High levels of hormones in your system might be …