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I am reviewing ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ by Ravi Subramanian as a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!

I loved reading this book. Author Ravi Subramanian writes about Love, Betrayal and Redemption in this book.  Aditya Kapoor , a writer and a Banker have everything from loving family to  success but his one mistake takes away his fame and everything from him. That mistake is meeting Shreya, an aspiring author. Both enters into a love relationship without thinking about the consequences. Maya, Aditya's wife comes to know about their relationship which left her heart-broken. After this Aditya realize his mistake but then its too late. Maya suffered from EBOLA disease. Before getting admitted to hospital, she tells Aditya clearly that she will not forgive him for betraying her. The scene of Maya's illness was well-written by author. It made me cry thinking of her physical and mental situation.Her illness is well express…

Bangalore-My Favourite City in India

Hello readers,

For today's blogging assignment, I was given a topic to choose my favourite city in India and then talk about it in respect to these three key features- Design, Drive and Connect. I would say Bangalore is the most advanced city in India in respect to these three key points. I have heard a lot about Bangalore from people living there and also from people who come from that state to this state.
No doubt, Bangalore people are stylish and all the best fashion brand stores are available in Bangalore city. I have many friends living in Bangalore and I keep listening about the new advancements in that city. It is an ideal city to live in. It can be called a smart city in India.Bangalore scores for its atmosphere. It is less polluted city of India and that makes its everyone's favourite.

DESIGN: Lets first talk about Bangalore's in terms of design. It is the capital and largest city of the Indian state Karnataka. It is India's third largest city and fifth large…

Recipe with Sugar Free Natura


Today I am going to share recipe made with Sugarfree Natura. This recipe of Laddoo is made using wheat flour and crushed sugar but I have prepared it with a twist. Lets see how I made it more delicious using sugarfree natura which is a diet sugar (instead of sugar). It just tastes same like sugar but it doesnt add sugar to our bodies.

Laddoo recipe


2 Cups Wheat Flour
1 n half cup  sugarfree Natura
1 cup dry fruits (almonds and raisins)
1 Cup Ghee


First heat the pan and roast the flour until it gets brown in color. Now add sugar free to this mixture . Mix them well and pour ghee to it. You can now add the dry fruits. Now comes the binding task which is little tough. Make small or medium or big sized laddoos and they are ready to serve.

This dessert is loved by all ,no matter what season it is!

I hope you liked this recipe! Do share some interesting recipes you have tried making with Sugarfree.