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I am reviewing ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ by Ravi Subramanian as a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!

I loved reading this book. Author Ravi Subramanian writes about Love, Betrayal and Redemption in this book.  Aditya Kapoor , a writer and a Banker have everything from loving family to  success but his one mistake takes away his fame and everything from him. That mistake is meeting Shreya, an aspiring author. Both enters into a love relationship without thinking about the consequences. Maya, Aditya's wife comes to know about their relationship which left her heart-broken. After this Aditya realize his mistake but then its too late. Maya suffered from EBOLA disease. Before getting admitted to hospital, she tells Aditya clearly that she will not forgive him for betraying her. The scene of Maya's illness was well-written by author. It made me cry thinking of her physical and mental situation.Her illness is well express…

Bangalore-My Favourite City in India

Hello readers,

For today's blogging assignment, I was given a topic to choose my favourite city in India and then talk about it in respect to these three key features- Design, Drive and Connect. I would say Bangalore is the most advanced city in India in respect to these three key points. I have heard a lot about Bangalore from people living there and also from people who come from that state to this state.
No doubt, Bangalore people are stylish and all the best fashion brand stores are available in Bangalore city. I have many friends living in Bangalore and I keep listening about the new advancements in that city. It is an ideal city to live in. It can be called a smart city in India.Bangalore scores for its atmosphere. It is less polluted city of India and that makes its everyone's favourite.

DESIGN: Lets first talk about Bangalore's in terms of design. It is the capital and largest city of the Indian state Karnataka. It is India's third largest city and fifth large…

Recipe with Sugar Free Natura


Today I am going to share recipe made with Sugarfree Natura. This recipe of Laddoo is made using wheat flour and crushed sugar but I have prepared it with a twist. Lets see how I made it more delicious using sugarfree natura which is a diet sugar (instead of sugar). It just tastes same like sugar but it doesnt add sugar to our bodies.

Laddoo recipe


2 Cups Wheat Flour
1 n half cup  sugarfree Natura
1 cup dry fruits (almonds and raisins)
1 Cup Ghee


First heat the pan and roast the flour until it gets brown in color. Now add sugar free to this mixture . Mix them well and pour ghee to it. You can now add the dry fruits. Now comes the binding task which is little tough. Make small or medium or big sized laddoos and they are ready to serve.

This dessert is loved by all ,no matter what season it is!

I hope you liked this recipe! Do share some interesting recipes you have tried making with Sugarfree.


Fashion and Style Advice for Cocktail Party

Hey friends,

Here's time for some serious fashion advice for the coming cocktail parties. Christian Dior was the first to use the term "cocktail dress" to refer to early evening wear in 1940s. Cocktail dresses are the most stylish dresses with sumptuous textures, intricate beading and some seriously sinuous back details.

Cocktail dresses collection at is unique as they have cocktail dresses of all types including short length cocktail dresses, knee-length cocktail dresses, off-shoulder cocktail dresses in every color from bright to dark shades.

Always select cocktail dress according to your body type and the dress which you can carry effortlessly. Here are some of the dresses which I would recommend to you all fashionistas.

This A-line straps knee-length sage chiffon cocktail dress is simple yet elegant. This figure-flattering dress with flower attached on it makes for a perfect outfit for cocktail hours. The color of this outfit makes it special,can be …

Stylish Bedding Online

Hi friends,

Gone are the days when we had to go to market especially to search good bedding for our home but now shopping for bedding has become easy with

About has started way back in 2013. They provide amazing products of top quality at affordable prices. They provide excellent customer service and also deliver products as quickly as possible.

Payment Methods :

We can them through lot of payment methods like Western Union, Credit Cards,Wire Transfer.

I would like to show you some of the best products you can get at this website:

Get Bedding Online at beformal store 

This bedding set is available for just AUD $ 57.66. It is suitable for all the seasons. I would say that this is red bedding perfect for your room and so romantic too with flower prints on it.


For the lover of blue like me, this bedding set is aweso…


Hello everyone,

Have you heard about heard about Tata Motors and Lionel Messi's association? If not, let me tell you that Lionel Messi is now the Global Brand Ambassador of Tata Motors. Isn't it a great partnership? We all know Tata Motors is another name of Trust,Simplicity and Authenticity. In the same way, Lionel Messi is an icon for today's youth as he is super talented and ambitious.

We also meet may such talented people in our lives who leave a great impact on our minds.Such people inspire us to change ourselves for better. I too got influenced by some really good people in my life but the person who inspired me a lot is my friend. My friend whom I met in school in my higher classes, I wish I knew her much earlier too. I observed her from those day only and I could learn so many great things from her. She was a dedicated student who loved working hard. Above all she was a best human being who had friendly nature. I was lucky to become her friend because such friends…

Talvar Movie Review

Hello friends, I was invited to watch the preview of movie Talvar. The movie Talvar is based on Aarushi Murder case that took place in Noida. It was the most shocking case as the parents of Aarushi were convicted,though there were no solid proofs found againt the parents Dr. Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar. It was a double murder case ,where the domestic help Hemraj was also found murdered in the house. 

The movie Talvar is directed by Meghna Gulzar, written by Vishal Bhardwaj and Produced by Junglee Pictures. I like the movie as it shows the audience the clear  detailsl of what exactly happened during the investigation of Double Murder Mystery Case. It brings on big screen how our judicial system lacks proper investigation procedure which in turn confuses the big murder mysteries. It also shows that how cruel can be parents to kill their own daughter, no matter how big or small mistake she might have committed. The movie shows the sick mentality of our society, who never fails to giv…

G3Fashions- Website Review

Hello everyone,

Just few days to go to Diwali but have you decided your outfit for Diwali Puja? If not,then I am introducing  a fashionable online  store - G3Fashions where you can buy the exquisite designer wear for all your special ocassions. Its a one stop shop where you can buy traditional Sarees, Salwar Kameez,Lehangas and Kurtis. The western wear collection is also available from trendy dresses to cool tees. Not to forget, they have unique menswear collection too. Without compromising with the quality ,G3Fashions aims to provide 100% good quality products. Custom Tailoring option is provided to customers so that they need to worry about the measurements, while shopping online.

Some of  my favourite from all these categories are-

Gowns are loved by all and in every party we can see around 90% of the women wearing this outfit from fusion wear. This Imperial Grey Lycra Women Gown caught my attention. This gown with superb color combination is a must-have this season in every fashi…

Landybridal~Best Website for Wedding Dresses

Hello my dear friends!

So how is the week going? I am so overloaded with work as my BFF's wedding is coming near and I am yet to make lots of preparations for me and for her as well. Wedding seems a big celebration to all,friends,family and relatives. It's about good food in all functions,great shopping to look good in every function and then the happy memories for lifetime that reminds us of happy moments we have shared with our loved ones.

But don't take it lightly,because the real battle starts when we head to stores in search of wedding  attires. Sometimes we get disappointed when we dont find the desired outfits. We should always start wedding shopping much before the D-day as first we do shopping then there is still requirement of alteration in our chosen outfits which takes lot of time.

I have some great options for all those girls who are looking for that perfect wedding dress. These dresses from Landybridal are the beautiful wedding dresses at that too at afforda…

Gorgeous Wedding Dresses By Cocomelody

Hi all,

Finding that perfect dress for your wedding or your BFF's wedding seems a huge task to accomplish. But with the advent of online shopping websites,our shopping has become more fun than a never ending shopping journey.

My BFF is getting married next month and she choose me as her shopping guide as she likes my taste in fashion and style

I am more than happy to help her so I thought of selecting some of the best dresses from Cocomelody for my friend's wedding . She and her fiance has planned a romantic wedding at beach. This seems really cool but planning everything according to this destination wedding is a task in which everyone needs guidance.First comes the theme of wedding,then dresses for bride for all functions and also dresses for bridesmaid. Shoes and other wedding accessories also needs to be in accordance with the dress.

I choose Cocomelody because this is the one stop website for every bride's fashion needs.At this website we can get really good BEACH WED…


Hey lovely people!

Vintage fashion is huge these days as there is some never ending charm in Vintage stuff whether its about Vintage Evening Dresses  or Vintage Accessories.I am also fond of Vintage products as these give us a retro feel. These days we can see most of the people opting for Vintage dresses in many patterns which really look appealing. Not just for big ceremonial functions but for evening formal functions too,girls prefer selecting vintage attires and accessorize them in the most stylish way.

I keep searching for the stores and online shopping websites which offer unique vintage dresses with great discounts. There are some really good sites for fashionable Mermaid Evening Dresses and Wishesbridal is one of them. I loved all these Mermaid Evening Dresses as these are created to perfection. These are designed for the modern girl keeping in mind the fashion needs and desires of fashionistas.

Stunning Sequined Long Champagne V Neck A Line Prom Dress
Sequins dresses are big …


Hello everyone, Do you have dog? I love dogs but I don't have one. If you have a dog,you can agree that they are truly amazing for so many reasons. And I agree dogs are "man's best friend".Dogs can always make us smile.They are too good with us and we should also try to be good with them. What can we do for them other than loving them ?We can always buy them useful products and make them smile.
Recently Heads Up For Tails team contacted me to review their products on my blog. I was so excited to get the lovely products from their website HEADS UP FOR TAILS I have never seen such well organised website for dog lovers where we can buy choosing from variety of dog products ranging from dogs beds,dog apparel,dog diners,and many more products which are created, keeping in mind the need and health of dog.
I am a dog lover and they have some really cool products for dog lovers as well. Recently they have introduced dog lover tees which are superawesome.  I am happy to rece…

Selfie With Sibling

Hello everyone,

I remember those days when we used to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in childhood. The excitement levels used to high up every year.It was like a carnival more than just one day festival.Now when I think of those innocent days, there's this extra-ordinary feeling of togetherness and sibling love that we celebrate on Raksha Bandhan. I miss those days so badly ,I miss the fights of my dram queen sis. She used to fight even when there was no reason to fight and I was a naughty child too. We used to fight for no reason and when we had to go out to play we again acted like we are best friends. But now when we are grown ups, we regret the time we wasted in fighting over silly things. I used to tease her and never gave her any compliment when she dressed well also and this used to irritate her a lot. I knowingly tried to irritate her by changing channels of TV. We have so many good memories which made our childhood special.We have faced life's problems together as we grew …

Free Spirited Traveller

Hello people,
Fashion is the purest form of self-expression.I love expressing through fashion .I am a free spirited traveller and I am always on the go.I take my backpack and keep some stuff and move to explore new places.I wear what I love.My fashion all about being casual. I am sharing my idea of free look

I feel fashion gives me freedom to wear clothes which I like and in which I feel free. Its all about expressing my individuality.I mostly wear shorts,if my friends and relatives spot me in shorts in malls and other public places,I dont  feel uncomfortable because I never get time to dress properly for any day.I just take 5 minutes and I am ready to go anywhere.On vacations ,I can wear my shorts ,my sneakers and with it I can pair my jacket.That's my style and I love to carry it my way.

This independence lets choose our our fashion which sets us free!

I love shopping from because they have collection which we can #WearToExpress ourselves!

Stay In Style

#MaxFreshMove Phase 3

I am dancing for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda.If you are not blogging, you can join me by participating in this #MaxFreshMove facebook activity

This is my second post for theme 2,dance with family for MaxFreshMove Activity.

When I am having a rough day,I start my music system and start dancing to refresh myself. Good songs adds freshness to our day and #MaxFreshMove song is one such tune which energizes me a lot. Firstly the picturization of this song is good as superstar Allu Arjun dance on this tune so well. Seeing him dance and seeing him filled up with so much energy also makes everyone feel to dance on this  ad.

The song is so fast that nobody can stop dancing after hearing this great music.We all went crazy making our dubsmash video lots of time.Its so much fun dancing on this song with refreshing theme.I would say that we all dance on this tune in morning then this song can brighten our day just like colgate . Here is link to my #MaxFreshMove song Video…

Colgate MaxFreshMove

Hi friends

I am participating in Colgate MaxFreshMove Phase 3 Activity and I have selected theme 1 .I have created my video dancing solo on MaxFreshMove song. Allu Arjun danced so well on this tune in TV ad,and I am not competing with him but I have tried my best to dance on this mind-blowing song.This song is very refreshing and whenever I listen to this tune,I like shaking my body on this tune.

I love dancing ,dancing solo and dancing with my friends also in party. Recently I also joined dance classes so that I can improve my dancing.I want to learn dance like Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor. I spend most of time practicing my dance steps.

I have tried to dance on MaxFreshSong also.Next time when colgate will come up with any other dance activity then by that time I will be able to learn more dancing styles. I really loved dancing on this song and this song fills every moment with freshness. I feel great dancing on this song again and again.Not just one,but I took lots of shots of…

Happy Memories

I remember those days when we used to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in childhood. The excitement levels used to high up every year.It was like a carnival more than just one day festival.Now when I think of those innocent days, there's this extra-ordinary feeling of togetherness and sibling love that we celebrate on Raksha Bandhan. I miss those days so badly ,I miss the fights of my dram queen sis. She used to fight even when there was no reason to fight and I was a naughty child too. We used to fight for no reason and when we had to go out to play we again acted like we are best friends. But now when we are grown ups, we regret the time we wasted in fighting over silly things. I used to tease her and never gave her any compliment when she dressed well also and this used to irritate her a lot. I knowingly tried to irritate her by changing channels of TV. We have so many good memories which made our childhood special.We have faced life's problems together as we grew up together and …

Trending Food This Summer

Hello foodies...

I love eating spicy food and in this post I am going share the pictures of food which are the hottest and spicy food trending this summer according to me.

Recently I ordered food online from and my food ordering experience with this site has been really amazing.I have clicked all these pictures and not taken from any other source.I hope you enjoy my food photography too.Its gonna be delight to our eyes.

I got my order and I couldn't wait to taste the oh-so delicious Dahi Kebab, Green Chilly parantha or kulcha and Honey Chilly Potato.These 3 food are my choice for the trending food .

Dahi ke kebabs are quick starter belongs to Hyderabadi cuisine.The kebab's tangy taste makes it delicious.These deep fried kebabs are crispier in taste and this makes them the hottest food trending  in summer!Some might love the taste but those who dont like curd wont like it.But the truth is that this has become the most wanted dish among youngsters.The…

Amazing Wedding Dresses From LandyBridal

Hi brides-to-be!
Have you shopped for your wedding attire?If not then I am going to introduce you all to a wonderful website LandyBridal to design your better days!

At LandyBridal you can shop your favourite wedding dresses and accessories.Not just this they provide customized service and you can customize your wedding dress according to your favourite design,color and shape.The process is simple and fun.

 Why to shop from LandyBridal?

Their fabrics like lace,satin ,silk,embroidery,top button,macrame and other raw materials are of best qualityTheir wedding dresses,gowns,bridesmaid dresses are sold directly through their online shopping website without any middleman which helps us in saving our moneyThe delivery of wedding dresses,bridesmaid dresses,mens formal wear is fast and guaranteed.They prepare wedding dresses according to our requirements These reasons makes me feel to shop from this website soon.Now lets have a look at the amazing CHEAP LACE WEDDING DRESSES available at this w…

Inexpensive Homecoming Dresses-Cocomelody

Hi fashionistas!

Today's post is about school formal dresses and I will be sharing my favorite dresses from this beautiful website Cocomelody We all love dresses (may be because we all loved wearing frocks when we are kiddos),but choosing the best site for dresses is really a difficult task,isnt it?But I am here to help you all and will tell you from where we all can buy special occasion dresses to look our best :)

They offer collections at upto 20% off the retails prices for incredible savings!

They design not only dresses but also design dreams and wonderful memories wit it.Cocomelody  also offers stunning Homecoming Dresses touched by vintage inspiration.They use the best quality of fabrics to make the beautiful dresses for our special occasions.

Their collection is unique which makes you feel like buying every outfit.From lace dresses to sequin dresses to beaded dresses.They have it all!

I would like to show you some of the best INEXPENSIVE HOMECOMING DRESSES available at thi…

Summer Fashion Trends~Rewardme

Hi all!
Inspired from the article from Rewardme Site I have writing this blogpost.I have taken few tips from Summer Fashion Trends Post on this website.There are more than 400 fashion tips and I am really impressed to read all these useful posts which are written so well for the readers.I love reading about fashion trends.And I will be sharing Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves in this post.

We all know summer fashion is all about lightweight fabrics, bright colors.Here I will tell you about the latest fashion trends.
Whether you are a beach babe, or pool -side beauty,a swimsuit that flatters your body while you sunbathe is necessity.

When we think of summer,swimsuit is the first clothing item that comes to our mind .While selecting swimsuit keep these tips in mind.If you do not want to show much skin then you can go for bandeau swimsuits as they are designed for woman who doesnt want to show much skin and still can look stylish wearing it.You can select from exotic prints,wild colors or mod…