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My Role Model

Hi All!
I am writing about #MyRoleModel Activity as a part of the activity by Gilette India in association with

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Maybelline-The Colossal Kajal Review

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Our eyes dont look that glamourous without a perfect kajal.
Product To be review Today:
Maybelline Colossal Kajal 12 Hour Smudge Free Black

Product Description:
A bold kajal in black color  that gives perfect smudge free look.

It comes in a Roll-on pen kajal pack

How to Apply:
Its easy to use and can be applied smoothly without much efforts


It is anti-allergicIt is long lastingIt gives perfect jet black stroke to enhance the beauty of eyes Cons: Ask about it to any girl and they will only praise this product.
Overall Recommendation: A must have beauty product.
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Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss Review

Hi All!

Product to be reviewed today:
Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Lip Gloss

Product Description:Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss comes in a profusion of gorgeous shades but I have tried its 30 one Shine day shade which is light pink in color.Its available in 8 different shades.

Packaging:It comes in a square tube with silver cap.

How To Use:
You can apply it with the help of applicator which comes with it.


Its non-stickyIt reveals a perfect shimmer effectSuits all skin types Cons: Not even single.
Price:350 Rs for 5 ml bottle.
Overall Recommendation: I would strongly recommend it to all my readers as it has amazing pigmentation which lasts for many hours.
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Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation Review

Hi All!
The product I am going to review today is one of my all favourite makeup product from my favourite makeup brand and I am using it for last two years.

Product Description:Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation is developed with a smart air whipped with mo comedogenic formula that adapts to our unique skin type and adjusts accordingly throughout the day for an ultra-smooth,flawless complexion.
It comes in many shades but I use nudebiege 3.4 shade and I will write about it .

Packaging:It comes in a bottle and with a small opening which makes it easy to take out from the bottle.

How To use:You just need small amount of it and apply on face and neck.


It conceals the imperfectionsprovides sun-protectionit gives flawless fair complexionIt does not make skin oily like other foundations Cons: Its just perfect!I have no point to mention here as I find it the best maybelline product ever.
Price:575 RS,size of bottle 30 ml.
Overall Recommendation:I advice all our reade…

Do What Others Can't Do

Hi All!
I am writing this post as part of contest organised by Indiblogger and  ASUS .
Contest Topic is:Give your phone a super power and tell us how it would help you see what others can't see and do what others cant't do!

Doing something different is really a fun.We all love to do things which others cant do.But can our phones too something different for us?It would be great if our phones could so something incredible for us which others can't do.
If given a chance and if I can make it possible then I would give my cellphone a super power which I will name as 'Be Unique Power'.This power will help me to see real face of people and also it will help me to do something about them like if they are good then its fine and if they are bad then I can try to change them in right way.Knowing the reality of people in some meetings is a tough task so I believe there should be that super app in my phone which can help me see the bad qualities of people and the good qualities…

Craziest Shopping Experience At

Aditya Roy Kapur's crazy shopping experience at
Hi friends,let me tell you that I am writing this post as a part of contest organised by
About Baggout,com in their own words: is one stop shop for all online shoppers wherein personalized shopping recommendations are shown to users on the basis of what their friends and other baggout users are buying.In addition,Baggout also provides awesome cashback offers on all of your favourite online retailers.The users just need to go through baggout to ther favourite retailers and get an average cashback of 15-20%.Its really awesome,what more do we need? According to this contest topic,I was asked to choose my favourite interesting character and his/her shopping experience through choose Aditya Roy kapoor because he is my favourite actor and I adore his style a lot.Whether he is wearing well fitted suits or casual tees,he looks the best.As we all know there is  a growing preference for shopping fr…

Be Modern and Be Traditional Too!

I am writing this post for Indispire on topic~

If you value your traditions and culture, you're branded conservative. While modernity is judged by clothes rather than thoughts. #ModernTradition
I believe we all should follow our traditions and culture and we should not worry about how people will tag us for doing the same.A person who is modern not when he wears stylish clothes but when his thinking is modern too.Our traditions and culture brings us close to our family because when some of our traditions teaches us the importance of relationships in our life.When we practice certain traditions and cultures,we come close to our moral values. I would say modernity should never be judged by the clothes we wear because a person who believes in simple living and high thinking is modern too.There is no harm in calling a person modern if he/she dress up nicely but in true sense,the real modern person is the one who have great thoughts,who washes his mind and thoughts with light.
So st…

Fresh Arrivals at Trendy Divva

Hi shopaholics!
Vstyle team went to checkout latest arrivals at Trendy Divva Store last weekend and we were amazed to see the fresh collection.There were so many new styles from floral summer dresses to summer beach dress,sheer tops to printed tunics.Their party wear collection is just so awesome.Pretty gowns in bright shades is what makes Trendy Divva every fashionista;s favourite shopping destination,.I captured the beautiful collection in my cam and here I present you the beautiful western and ethnic wear as well.I liked the kaftan dresses in neon shades.Not only dresses but I loved the accessory collection too which included pretty embellished clutches and chunky neckpieces.Have a look at their latest collection on which they are offering 25% off!What more do we need.


The collection is super-unique I must say!
So what are you waiting for,rush to Trendy Divva store to avail great discounts!
Happy Shopping!

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Yummy Recipe

Hi Vstyle readers
I am sharing a unique recipe  for the my beautiful contest running at Indiblogger.
I have not learnt this recipe from any youtube video or from anywhere else ,but this is my original recipe created by me.
Potato & Pumpkin vegetable recipe:
We need
~4 boiled potatoes
~Chopped Pumpkin cubes
~Salt,red pepper,coriander powder

First heat the pan and add some oil to it.Now put the pumpkin cubes in it.After heating them for 5 mins,take them off from burner.Now put these pieces in mixer and mix them with some water.
Now in a pan,add oil and cumin seeds.Now add chopped onions and fresh cream with pumpkin puree we already prepared.Add all the spices in it and then put the potatoes cubes in it.Now after cooking it for 10-15 minutes,we can add coriander leaves for garnishing.We can present this yummy vegetable in trendy serving dish from Borosil

Make this easy recipe at home and I am sure you will surely impress your loved ones with its unique tast…