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Hi all!
This post is very special to me as I am going to share my personal experience on how meeting my family and friends changed my life and gave me a reason to lookup.I have been in hostel for so many years and I used to get  a chance to meet my parents and siblings and old school friends rarely.I used to miss them so much.But I had no option.Then I really needed some big advice about my career and I was really confused about it.I had no clear mind.Then my family met me and became my motivation for the rest of my life.They gave me the much needed strength I was looking for before meeting them.My family taught me to take right decision even in the tougher times.Meeting with all my family members together made my day and memories beautiful.I cannot forget that special day which brought so much peace of mind to me making me more strong.Their words gave me strength which I really needed.Their hugs took away all my tensions and anxiety.I was more confident about my career then.We shoul…


Hello Readers!
Changes are for Good and We Should Keep Bringing Changes!
We all love changes because changes are for good.These small or big changes makes our life better in  long-term.I too have taken many bold steps in my life which contributed in making my life a more comfortable journey.It was a very big change for me as I bought a new house with my own hard-earned money.I always wanted to have my own house because the old house we used to live was on not that big and the members in our family were more.We had to adjust accordingly,we had no space for playing our favourite games in free time,we had no separate room for studies and no-attached washrooms which is a neccessity these days.Everyday I had to accept these realities.I was not sure what step should I take.Investing my all money in buying a new house was a big and bold step and I was confused whether I should spend all money in one go.But I cleared my doubts when I saw that my family members will be able to live a comforta…


Hey all
We all love babies,is there anyone who doesnt love babies?I dont think there is anyone because babies make everyone smile with their innocent smiles.Their every action brings a big smile on every member of family.I love his small steps that he takes with my help,the way he walks so slowly and stare at me after every single steps he takes.I just love to capture his never-ending funfilled activities.He dont understand anything but he tries to understand by watching at my phone for long time.He poses everytime in front of my camera and smile.
What makes my baby happy?
He loves to play with us.If anybody comes at our place,and tries to shake hand with him,he give them hi-five.It is his favourite activity.If somebody looks at him and try to scare him,he just close his eyes so nicely and again open them slowly.He is very naughty.He is the favourite kid of all here as he entertains everyone with his innocent activities.
He starts crying when he finds his pants wet and what makes him…


Hello readers.

Today what I am is because of my optimistic attitude towards life because I was not the same guy,and I was more of a pessimistic attitude.Anybody could easily let me down and my confidence level was low.But from the day I have started believing in optimistim,I feel good about myself.Feeling good about oneself is what is more important in this lifetime.Noone can make you feel as good about yourself as you can.I was self-motivated and that led to my success.A person without positive thinking can not even take the first step towards his/her success.Because it is only our optimistic thinking which motivates us,inspires us to take a step further with enthusiasm.I drive optimism in my life through spiritual books that constantly guides us to do what is right and when we do right in life,we get the confidence to stick to our decisions,no matter how hard the path is going to be.One should beleive in his/her capabilities and should infuse great amount of optimism inside him to …

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Review

Hello all..
Today I am going to share my review about Garnier's New Shampoo and Conditioner

I have never taken any hair challenge before and this was the first time I decided to accept Garnier Happy Hair Challenge.It  is a new range of Garnier Shampoo products.I tried using the products and  I found the change really good.

The product worked well for my hair making them soft and shiny.I found that it keeps my hair nourished for a longer time.The hairfall problem is solved to a certain extent.It gives a bouncy effect to hair.I started observing changes from the first use and every time I used it,I felt good about my hair.This product gives deep action and makes hair manageable,providing them nutrition of three amazing oils coconut,olive and almond oil. I would give 9/10 to this product .
Go for this product if you have dry and rough hair.It will do wonders.
Thanks Rishi.

Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao

Hi friends! Today I will tell you all who inspired me to live a on my own and to become self-reliant.I was a lazy girl who always used to live a life dependent on others.I had a habit to ask my family members to do my every work for me.I did not like to do my work.If anyone refused to do my work,I became angry.My mother did not say anything to me because of her unconditional love and I guess her love made me feel special but at the same time I misused her love.For every silly work,I called up my mom,my sisters and my elder brother to do it for me.I loved sleeping whole day,even now I love sleeping most of the time even when I am not tired.Slowly slowly I never knew when I started living a life of indiscipline and became really irresponsible.I was called a lazy guy by my siblings.They always kept waking me for my important assignments.I really feel bad for not listening to them but I became a spoilt brat.I went to school late everytime and because of this I got punishment everyday becau…