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Hi friends!
Today I am going to share a wishlist from have added many summer items to my wishlist and I really love their new collection.II love their mobile app too. am sure you too would fall in love with their collection.Have a look at my wishlist now!You can check all the products here~

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Celebrating Life

Hello all!
Everyone loves to celebrate festivals and big occassions but these are temporary happiness .I believe we need happiness everyday in order to celebrate life everyday and that perma
Celebrating life is my idea of living life to the fullest.There are many things and people in my life that make me feel alive everyday and fill my life with inspiration.I feel motivated to do good with the advice of these special people in  my life.Life should be perfect and in order to make it perfect we have to put efforts.I try to interact with my loved ones and they make my life really interesting.My brother is the best person in mu life and I need to talk to him everyday in order to make my day beautiful.He guides me to do right and we both spend attleast one hour together to discuss our work and everyday routine.We feel connected even when we are away from home.He is a like my teacher who is always there for me whenever I need him.He is my happiness.He is my elder brother who takes care of …

CC Hairextensions~The best hair extensions

Hi all!
These days hair extensions have become essential as our fashion accessory.Hair extensions give a new look to our hair and make us look more attractive.But to buy hair extensions and from where to buy extensions at affordable price is always  a big task.These hair extensions are a must-have in every fashionista's hair accessory collection.These makes us look pretty in any hair style we want.We can choose from straight  hair to curly hair to wavy hair.
There are many types of hair extensions~Clip in hair extensions,Micro loop hair extensions,Pre Bonded Hair Extensions,Tape hair extensions ,Hair weave Hair Extensions.

All these hair extensions are of good quality and are really beautiful!

Now I would like show you some of the best hair extensions available at this website!

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Popular Hair Weave
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Dil Ki Deal On Snapdeal

Gifts do play an important role in our relationships.Gifts can be in the form of money,things,or gift of time.Few years back my brother wanted admission in his choice of college.But due to some reasons we were not able to afford the money.He was quite upset and really needed some moral support.He always dreamt of taking admission in his choice of college.I spent time with him and tried to ask him whether he really wanted to take admission in that college where the admission fee and monthly fee is really high.He said-yes,this is my dream college.I took a big decision within a matter of second that yes I will make his dream come true ,no matter what .I had some fixed deposits in my bank account and from that I gave him the required amount who seemed really depressed with the thought of not being able to admission in the college.I handed over him the money with an advice that you have to study really well and you have to return this money whenever you can after you get a good job.This w…

DilKiDeal On Snapdeal Activity

Hello all!
Are you the one who listen to heart or mind?Well,I am the one who mostly listen to my mind but I changed a lot for the sake of my loved ones.In our family,I am a guy who doesnt spend much and think before spending any money.But sometimes we have to follow our heart and have to make Dil Ki Deal so that we can bring smiles on the faces of our closed ones.
My story is related to a dil ki deal.It was my brother's birthday and we all were discussing what gifts we should give him.Suddenly he expressed his choice that he wants a brand new shoes from his favourite brand.For me it was quite expensive and could not afford it easily.But then my heart that I should give him the gift of his choice and in my heart I decided that I will surely surprise him with his desired present.
I got my first salary and it was really precious to me.I gave some amount from it to my mother and the rest of the money I kept with me.Then I called my brother and asked him to see some shoes of his choic…