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Hello everyone, Do you have dog? I love dogs but I don't have one. If you have a dog,you can agree that they are truly amazing for so many reasons. And I agree dogs are "man's best friend".Dogs can always make us smile.They are too good with us and we should also try to be good with them. What can we do for them other than loving them ?We can always buy them useful products and make them smile.
Recently Heads Up For Tails team contacted me to review their products on my blog. I was so excited to get the lovely products from their website HEADS UP FOR TAILS I have never seen such well organised website for dog lovers where we can buy choosing from variety of dog products ranging from dogs beds,dog apparel,dog diners,and many more products which are created, keeping in mind the need and health of dog.
I am a dog lover and they have some really cool products for dog lovers as well. Recently they have introduced dog lover tees which are superawesome.  I am happy to rece…

Selfie With Sibling

Hello everyone,

I remember those days when we used to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in childhood. The excitement levels used to high up every year.It was like a carnival more than just one day festival.Now when I think of those innocent days, there's this extra-ordinary feeling of togetherness and sibling love that we celebrate on Raksha Bandhan. I miss those days so badly ,I miss the fights of my dram queen sis. She used to fight even when there was no reason to fight and I was a naughty child too. We used to fight for no reason and when we had to go out to play we again acted like we are best friends. But now when we are grown ups, we regret the time we wasted in fighting over silly things. I used to tease her and never gave her any compliment when she dressed well also and this used to irritate her a lot. I knowingly tried to irritate her by changing channels of TV. We have so many good memories which made our childhood special.We have faced life's problems together as we grew …

Free Spirited Traveller

Hello people,
Fashion is the purest form of self-expression.I love expressing through fashion .I am a free spirited traveller and I am always on the go.I take my backpack and keep some stuff and move to explore new places.I wear what I love.My fashion all about being casual. I am sharing my idea of free look

I feel fashion gives me freedom to wear clothes which I like and in which I feel free. Its all about expressing my individuality.I mostly wear shorts,if my friends and relatives spot me in shorts in malls and other public places,I dont  feel uncomfortable because I never get time to dress properly for any day.I just take 5 minutes and I am ready to go anywhere.On vacations ,I can wear my shorts ,my sneakers and with it I can pair my jacket.That's my style and I love to carry it my way.

This independence lets choose our our fashion which sets us free!

I love shopping from because they have collection which we can #WearToExpress ourselves!

Stay In Style

#MaxFreshMove Phase 3

I am dancing for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda.If you are not blogging, you can join me by participating in this #MaxFreshMove facebook activity

This is my second post for theme 2,dance with family for MaxFreshMove Activity.

When I am having a rough day,I start my music system and start dancing to refresh myself. Good songs adds freshness to our day and #MaxFreshMove song is one such tune which energizes me a lot. Firstly the picturization of this song is good as superstar Allu Arjun dance on this tune so well. Seeing him dance and seeing him filled up with so much energy also makes everyone feel to dance on this  ad.

The song is so fast that nobody can stop dancing after hearing this great music.We all went crazy making our dubsmash video lots of time.Its so much fun dancing on this song with refreshing theme.I would say that we all dance on this tune in morning then this song can brighten our day just like colgate . Here is link to my #MaxFreshMove song Video…

Colgate MaxFreshMove

Hi friends

I am participating in Colgate MaxFreshMove Phase 3 Activity and I have selected theme 1 .I have created my video dancing solo on MaxFreshMove song. Allu Arjun danced so well on this tune in TV ad,and I am not competing with him but I have tried my best to dance on this mind-blowing song.This song is very refreshing and whenever I listen to this tune,I like shaking my body on this tune.

I love dancing ,dancing solo and dancing with my friends also in party. Recently I also joined dance classes so that I can improve my dancing.I want to learn dance like Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor. I spend most of time practicing my dance steps.

I have tried to dance on MaxFreshSong also.Next time when colgate will come up with any other dance activity then by that time I will be able to learn more dancing styles. I really loved dancing on this song and this song fills every moment with freshness. I feel great dancing on this song again and again.Not just one,but I took lots of shots of…