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Hi all!
I spend most of time reading fashion tips so that I can also share the useful tips on my fashion blog too.There are many websites where we can easily get fashion,beauty,skin care tips but do you girls know from which website you get tips for everything from fashion to beauty,from child care to family life and almost on every important thing.I read this wonderful post at RewardMe in which 6 wedding season essentials are explained so well.Wedding season brings lots of fun but we need to take really good care of ourselves during wedding season as we forget to take essentials items with us due to hectic days.We need to keep our things ready before wedding season because during wedding season we completely forget about other things except the makeup and dress.

Weddings season seems like a big task for me and may be for some of you too.So many things are going on in our head and most of the time we forget the small yet so essential things.

These tips are for all,for bride,for the g…

Punjab Grill-Select Citywalk Saket

Hi friends!
Rocky and Mayur have ventured out to explore food from all parts of India and curate videos on  I'm contributing mypart by relishing my favorite dishes at Punjab Grill and sharing my views with you all!
You can also upload your video review on AskMe and stand a chance to meet Rocky and Mayur.

Today I will share my fine dining experience at Punjab Grill.This restaurant is located in Select Citywalk Mall,saket on second floor.We really wanted to eat North-Indian food and we celebrated our sister's birthday there!We decided to have lunch at Punjab Grill

DECOR-The interiors of Punjab Grill are really classy.Its the spacious restaurant with comfortable seating.It is spacious.The restaurant is reasonably attractive with a large decoration of bronze utensils on one wall.The restaurant was full and atmosphere was good.

FOOD-They have an amazing menu.The menu offers North-Indian food.We ordered Shahi Paneer,It was susper rich and buttery.Tandoori Parantha were de…

Look For My Dad

Hi readers!
This Father's Day we are celebrating fatherhood the "dandy" style!
I have created a look for my #dandydad . I want him to wear these clothes instead of his old boring clothes.I always keep telling him to change his style as I want to see him dressed up according to today's fashion trends.He never listens to me but this Father's Day I have decided that I am going to make him these stylish clothes from Jabong

There were days when he used to take me to shopping and now its time I do some shopping for him!

These are the clothes I want him to wear this father's day!

Printed shirt because prints are in these days and my father is afraid of trying something new so this Levi's shirt is my choice for him

Jeans is what I want him to try and this Gas Jeans will perfectly match with this printed shirt.

And these Carlton London Brogues Lifestyle shoes will complete the look!

I hope to win this cool contest!

Hug Your Dad

Hi readers..
Excitement has really begun because its time to pamper our dad with some precious gifts.The best father's day gift is the one which you don't have to unwrap.Hug is the best gift because hugs are a great way to express affection.Hugging shows that you care about a person and that you support that person through good times.We all need hug to feel loved and closer to our loved ones.
There can be many gifts for dad but the best gift is always a hug because hug makes him feel that he is important in your life.Our father work day and night to provide us better life.For him our happiness is the most important thing.I remember when he used to take me to school and also used to bring me back on his scooter.He woke up early so that he can drop me to school.He never got late in picking me from school.I never had to wait.He could complete his studies only till 12th class and could not get best job easily.But still he did so much hard work and raised me and siblings so well.H…

Best Father's Day Gift

Hi friends!
Have you decided gift for your father yet? am not talking about any costly gift for which you will have to spend lost of money but a gift for which you will just have to open your  heart.Yes ..the best gift for every father would be a gift of hug from his son or daughter.Children are important for every parent.We grow up listening to their advices.Whatever we are in life,we are because of our father who always stood by us in our difficult times too.Who always played the role of guide in our complicated lives.The person who never asked for anything in return for giving us unconditional love.I remember that day or my birthday when I wanted a packets of my favourite toffies to distribute in my school.I went o my father like always and he was ready with one packet of toffies.I was stupid that I could not see his love behind all this and rather I started speaking in loud voice that why didnot he bring the two packets as one packet for all classmates was not enough…

How to make MaxFreshMove

There comes a time in our life when we feel that we're missing out on life,Right?Yes,we all do get this feeling many a times.I get it quite often and need to remind myself sometimes that I am missing fun in life.It's a wake-up call to remind ourselves that life should be lived in a best way.So here I will share some of my cool tips on how can one spice up his/her life.The awesome way to make our life more exciting.So stop postponing the happiness and get addicted to music and dance.Yes,music and dance has got everything that we all need to spice up our life.Stop procrastinating life for work and studies.Dont try to shutoff your heart.Screaming,dancing and singing altogether gives meaning to life and its celebration.Because these things makes us able to express how we feel.I know most of you agree with me on this.When we sing it brings the happiness that we all are carrying inside us.When we dance we show our expressions how we feel.And even doctors say that it i…


Hi everyone!
Combination of music and dance is the best combination of all we have ever-known.Without this combination there would be no fun in life.We need to constantly keep the fun and excitement alive in our life.Last week we all friends decided to meet on weekend.Everyone seemed so stressed with their day to day work pressure and no one was same like before.I was thinking that college days were fun when we had college parties after every month.We all were so excited for those get-togethers.But now everything looks like a history.The fun we had seems like a far dream because nobody gets time to refresh themselves.But I couldn't see my friends in this condition so I got the solution for it.I decided to plan a surprise for them all.I told them that on coming sunday we all have to meet at my place for lunch.Then I arranged passes for All Arjun's and Anushka Manchanda's show in Delhi without telling my friends about it.
When they came to my place I told them that we are g…