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I was out on a date. Everything was perfect… Till that shot… a high-calibre one, no apparent sound. And, the man in front of me fell. A rifle with a suppressor? A sniper in the middle of a Mumbai mall? As the body count mounted, I was soon sucked deeper into the chaos unleashed by that shot. To survive and save those whom I care about, I have to become the man I left behind. I have no choice but to tap into a bloody past that has put me on the terror kill list. I may also have no option but to join hands with the sniper terrorising Mumbai. The problem is that the man has sworn to kill me. In a world where the young and poor kill and die in conflicts started by the old and rich, I and my unlikely companion finally discover the thin line that separates a mere killer from a hero. This is our story…


When the day you were looking forward to turns out to be the biggest mistake of your life, that's when comes out a really great action-packed story. I picked up this boo…


Hello everyone,

Today I am going to share some of my favourite dresses from PICKEDRESSES.COM. is an online fashion store where we can find the most stylish prom dresses at affordable prices. The dresses here are elegant and unique. All the dresses are crafted to perfection keeping in mind the fashion desire of every fashionista. I am highly impressed by their every design which is different and trendiest.  I am sure you all girls must have already started looking for your prom dresses for this season and I am here to share some of the best dresses available at These are the dresses which will bag you lots of compliments and will turn lots of heads. So without much talking , let me allow these pretty dresses to do the talking. These are perfect for everyone.

Not just the style, the patterns of these dresses, but the quality of the fabric used is best. I am sure you're going to love each and every dress and end up shopping for more dresses then y…


Hey all,

In today's post I will be sharing some of the best Sexy Bodycon Dresses from one of the best online fashion store Zaful.  These dresses looks good on every woman and hugs their curves in all the right places. So here I have curated lookbook for you where you can find best style of bodycon dresses for you. Bodycons are by far one of my favorite dress silhouettes. It’s a subtle way to emphasize your curves, especially when toned down with a longer hemline. Combined I think it is one of the most elegant and feminine silhouettes – a perfect mix of sexy and sophisticated.

This dress is maroon color is just so appealing. These figure hugging dresses are for the ones who love to look more slim and stylish. You don't need to accessorize this outfit. Just add a dangling pair of earrings with it and you're ready to rock the party. Make an entrance the moment your figure speaks in this bandage number. You can check some more  high low dresses at…


Since the beginning of human settlement, a lot of people came up with ideas, philosophies, beliefs, experiments, research, redesigning of thoughts, talents, and surveys to bring myths to reality.
People contributed to various life aspects science, politics, literature, arts, social activities and so many other fields. These genius minds put a keen interest in every phenomenon right from when they were young. The zeal, passion, dedication, hard work and efforts they put into their work helped them discover something new about the world we live in.
In these Legends, we’ve seen inexplicable abilities that helped us define our existence and human life. Their names are engraved in the sands of time for their work in the welfare of mankind with different inventions that have made our lives easy, enjoyable and successful. The following chapters commemorate the greatest personalities we’ve ever seen who changed the world.

They are among the most influential people of today’s wo…


As the sun consistently rises and sets, you too must approach your goals with the same commitment and steadiness, every day, like nature, and contribute to the world by passionately living your purpose. Some days you may toil and sweat; other days you may carry a lighter load, finally basking peacefully in the fulfilment of your dreams. You make a contribution to life. You find yourself living in harmony with seasons, knowing your mission is right. The cycle of life continues, and you move into the cycle.
Are we setting goals and if yes are they right; what is the future of them? Explore the many questions with this teenage girl through the pages with her thoughts and the guidance from leaders which are best suited to guide the youth. Lubhna takes you through a journey starting with knowing yourself to the ultimate goal of life. Look through the perspective of what a teen thinks about purpose, programming, pleasure, peace and so on...

Dive into the world of contribution…


It’s almost  summer and we’re all excited to get in the ocean. Summer season means vacation time for me and besties. As soon as summer season comes, we start shopping for our summer essentials including Sexy Sport Bikini .


                             HIGH CUT KEYHOLE NECK ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT

In a world of infinite bikini options, the hunt for perfect summer swimwear can often feel endless! I want to save your time this season and share why I believe you need not look any further than Zaful Bikinis. Finding the right bikini for all of your adventures is extremely important and Zaful Bikinis offers a wide variety of styles and colors to help you look & feel your absolute best! I was browsing zaful website and I loved Zaful push up bikinis. Bikinis aren’t just good for relaxing. Zaful bikinis are meant to stay on during all kinds of ocean activities. I would say that their designs are unique and here I give you so…


The world is more connected than ever before. When pondering the future of your business, you may be looking at international expansion—and through modern technology, any metropolis in the world is only a Skype call or e mail away.

This new sense of closeness brings new challenges as global businesses struggle to communicate effectively with each other. Each organization is influenced by the region it calls home—a business in Japan does things quite differently from one based in France. Workplace culture helps create a united front, but it can lead to unwanted tension and conflict.

This new guide to international business culture can help you avoid misunderstandings during negotiations and other important talks. Author and businessman Ashraf Haggag discusses a number of important issues, including

the definition of culture as a driving force in business,the unique cultures of a variety of countries 
and global regions,the ways culture directs business negotiations,the influence of cult…


Hello fashionistas,

The cold shoulder fashion trend this season is everywhere to be seen. Let me tell you off-the-shoulder and cold-shoulder are same thing. Cold-shoulder look has been translated into jumpsuits, dresses and rompers too. No doubt this trend makes you look stylish. Style-conscious women are teeming with off-shoulder blouses dresses. Cold shoulder top or dress leaves skin bare between strap and sleeve. Bare-shoulder look is a big hit among every age group nowadays. I personally love this trend or I can say that I am obsessed with this current trend. I would also like to share some of my favourite Cold Shoulder Fashion Dresses for women from Yoins. You can buy these three trendy dresses which you'll want to wear it all summer as this is summer's hottest trend! Also don't forget to check the other cool outfits on Yoins website.

1. Grey Cold Shoulder Long Sleeves Sweatshirt Dress

Exposed shoulders in this dress are the trendiest and chicest way to show some ski…


Hey readers, pregnancy is a new and very pleasant phase of any woman’s life. If you are going to be a mom for the very first time, the experience will be altogether different and full of ups and downs. Here are some things that a 8 week pregnant woman might like to know..

Baby at 8 weeks in womb

Your baby is now approximately the size of a grape. His tiny hands and feet are now developing webbed little fingers and toes. Other important organs, such as: bronchi, lungs, brain, neural pathways etc are also growing.Although, the external genitals have not developed well enough by now. The baby, at this very stage moves a lot though, you might not be able to feel it just yet.
Physical changes
There are many other body changes that you might notice, such as your breasts getting bigger. You best pants might now start feeling tight. You might be feeling fatigued all the time as your body is working very hard to help nourish and accomodate the baby. High levels of hormones in your system might be …