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Happy Memories

I remember those days when we used to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in childhood. The excitement levels used to high up every year.It was like a carnival more than just one day festival.Now when I think of those innocent days, there's this extra-ordinary feeling of togetherness and sibling love that we celebrate on Raksha Bandhan. I miss those days so badly ,I miss the fights of my dram queen sis. She used to fight even when there was no reason to fight and I was a naughty child too. We used to fight for no reason and when we had to go out to play we again acted like we are best friends. But now when we are grown ups, we regret the time we wasted in fighting over silly things. I used to tease her and never gave her any compliment when she dressed well also and this used to irritate her a lot. I knowingly tried to irritate her by changing channels of TV. We have so many good memories which made our childhood special.We have faced life's problems together as we grew up together and …

Trending Food This Summer

Hello foodies...

I love eating spicy food and in this post I am going share the pictures of food which are the hottest and spicy food trending this summer according to me.

Recently I ordered food online from and my food ordering experience with this site has been really amazing.I have clicked all these pictures and not taken from any other source.I hope you enjoy my food photography too.Its gonna be delight to our eyes.

I got my order and I couldn't wait to taste the oh-so delicious Dahi Kebab, Green Chilly parantha or kulcha and Honey Chilly Potato.These 3 food are my choice for the trending food .

Dahi ke kebabs are quick starter belongs to Hyderabadi cuisine.The kebab's tangy taste makes it delicious.These deep fried kebabs are crispier in taste and this makes them the hottest food trending  in summer!Some might love the taste but those who dont like curd wont like it.But the truth is that this has become the most wanted dish among youngsters.The…

Amazing Wedding Dresses From LandyBridal

Hi brides-to-be!
Have you shopped for your wedding attire?If not then I am going to introduce you all to a wonderful website LandyBridal to design your better days!

At LandyBridal you can shop your favourite wedding dresses and accessories.Not just this they provide customized service and you can customize your wedding dress according to your favourite design,color and shape.The process is simple and fun.

 Why to shop from LandyBridal?

Their fabrics like lace,satin ,silk,embroidery,top button,macrame and other raw materials are of best qualityTheir wedding dresses,gowns,bridesmaid dresses are sold directly through their online shopping website without any middleman which helps us in saving our moneyThe delivery of wedding dresses,bridesmaid dresses,mens formal wear is fast and guaranteed.They prepare wedding dresses according to our requirements These reasons makes me feel to shop from this website soon.Now lets have a look at the amazing CHEAP LACE WEDDING DRESSES available at this w…

Inexpensive Homecoming Dresses-Cocomelody

Hi fashionistas!

Today's post is about school formal dresses and I will be sharing my favorite dresses from this beautiful website Cocomelody We all love dresses (may be because we all loved wearing frocks when we are kiddos),but choosing the best site for dresses is really a difficult task,isnt it?But I am here to help you all and will tell you from where we all can buy special occasion dresses to look our best :)

They offer collections at upto 20% off the retails prices for incredible savings!

They design not only dresses but also design dreams and wonderful memories wit it.Cocomelody  also offers stunning Homecoming Dresses touched by vintage inspiration.They use the best quality of fabrics to make the beautiful dresses for our special occasions.

Their collection is unique which makes you feel like buying every outfit.From lace dresses to sequin dresses to beaded dresses.They have it all!

I would like to show you some of the best INEXPENSIVE HOMECOMING DRESSES available at thi…

Summer Fashion Trends~Rewardme

Hi all!
Inspired from the article from Rewardme Site I have writing this blogpost.I have taken few tips from Summer Fashion Trends Post on this website.There are more than 400 fashion tips and I am really impressed to read all these useful posts which are written so well for the readers.I love reading about fashion trends.And I will be sharing Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves in this post.

We all know summer fashion is all about lightweight fabrics, bright colors.Here I will tell you about the latest fashion trends.
Whether you are a beach babe, or pool -side beauty,a swimsuit that flatters your body while you sunbathe is necessity.

When we think of summer,swimsuit is the first clothing item that comes to our mind .While selecting swimsuit keep these tips in mind.If you do not want to show much skin then you can go for bandeau swimsuits as they are designed for woman who doesnt want to show much skin and still can look stylish wearing it.You can select from exotic prints,wild colors or mod…