I am reviewing ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ by Ravi Subramanian as a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!

I loved reading this book. Author Ravi Subramanian writes about Love, Betrayal and Redemption in this book.  Aditya Kapoor , a writer and a Banker have everything from loving family to  success but his one mistake takes away his fame and everything from him. That mistake is meeting Shreya, an aspiring author. Both enters into a love relationship without thinking about the consequences. Maya, Aditya's wife comes to know about their relationship which left her heart-broken. After this Aditya realize his mistake but then its too late. Maya suffered from EBOLA disease. Before getting admitted to hospital, she tells Aditya clearly that she will not forgive him for betraying her. The scene of Maya's illness was well-written by author. It made me cry thinking of her physical and mental situation.Her illness is well expressed by author,it made by cry after reading her miserable state. Everyone left hope of Maya to see her alive.She recovers but she never forgive Aditya for breaking her trust because she never deserved it.Aditya was at fault but even after knowing this, I had sympathy for Aditya. His love for her was true. I agree he committed a big mistake.Maya sends him divorce paper. Aditya's state is even more pathetic when he faces troubles one by one. Shreya, for whom Aditya did everything in making  her successful author, she gets against him when he decides to leave her for his family. Story takes lots of unexpected turns and reveals true faces of many people like Aditya's friend Sanjay. While reading the book, I kept thinking that Aditya is so lucky to have a best friend like Sanjay who remained with him and supported him. But later on, his reality comes to know. Shreya makes Aditya's personal and professional life hell by spoiling his public image. She tries her best that Aditya help her in promoting her book well. She just wanted to use him for her benefit. Her worst behaviour was when she asked Aditya to read her manuscript while his wife was lying on death bed struggling for life. Shreya seemed so insensitive and so immatured. All she wanted was her dreams . At the end, Aditya with his intelligence understood the reality of people around him which made him solve all his problems. He kept patient and at the right moment he revealed reality of others in front of all. He managed to save his reputation and finally got what he wanted. Because of one mistake, he lost his everything and paid heavy price for it. He lost his peace. But with lot of efforts he gets a second chance in his life to start new one.
I like how author made every page so interesting to read. Unexpected twists are given to story. Also in this story, there are so many advices for readers,first we should never trust somebody that we stop thinking from our head and should not take every decision from heart,second we should never forget our family for anyone, third we should not allow or we should not give any chance to anyone to play with our career and our reputation because that is everything we have.


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