The Story Of a Suicide

Author: Sriram Ayer
Format- E-Book, You can read here
Genre: Urban Fiction
Price- Free
Pages- 31 Chapters

Book Blurp: "The Story of a Suicide" is a gripping novel that tells the stories of Hari, Charu, Sam and Mani, whose lives are interconnected in a web of love, passion, revenge and deceit.

Today's youngsters are expressive, self-absorbed, independent, afraid, hurried, fearless, fame hungry, but surprisingly resilient. In a world that makes unreasonable demands of them, many are disillusioned about their education, relationships, jobs, sexuality, bullying, and abuse. In the backdrop of a powerful story and visuals, this project aims to reach out to young people, by verbalising their struggles through the story, informing the do's and don'ts when they face challenges, and providing a platform to share their experience.

For the first time I read any novel which has a story of a suicide. I loved reading it as I could feel the emotions of the characters in this story. It's a touching story which will make you cry after reading and knowing about the suffering of the characters. This author of this story is Sriram Ayer. This novel tells the stories of Hari, Charu, Mani and Sam, whose lives are interconnected in the web of love, passion, revenge and deceit.

Hari, Mani, Charu all underwent through emotional and mental torture at every phase of their life. The story of these 4 characters tells the stories of many youngsters who face similar or more painful situations in their life. Some cope up with the problems but some just give up by ending their life. Life is not easy for some people. When the struggle of life becomes too difficult, some of the youngsters think about SUICIDE. They find it the easiest way to end up their problems for forever. But suicide is not any solution. It's a very negative step about which we should not even think about at any stage of life, no matter how painful the life is. There's always a way out to our problems.

I could relate to the story of all these characters when they all fell helpless in complex situations of their life. I too got into suicidal thoughts but somewhere in my heart and mind, I had this permanent thought that I will never give up on life. And this permanent thought of not letting our life go saves us from suicide. It's true that sometimes life leaves us with suicidal thoughts but we can save our life if we will try to save some confidence in ourselves.

This story teaches us to stay strong when the life's situations are not in our control. The emotions in this story are shown so well through the usage of well-picked words. More such stories should be written to tell young generation  that suicide or any kind of harm to yourself or others will not help you in any ways. Don't run from your problems. Solve them as soon as possible.

You can read the story here :

TIPS TO DEAL WITH PROBLEMS OF LIFE- Share, share and share. Share your problems with your family. All you need is their love in your tough phase of life. Their advice can help you and will give you strength to cope up well with your problems. Most of the suicidal thoughts come to our mind when we are alone, so in your depressive mood try to be with your loved ones. Talk to them and their presence will make you feel loved.Suicidal tendencies also appear in our behaviour, in our conversations, so watch yourself, your behaviour, your words and especially your thoughts. See if you're becoming irritated most of the time and not able to express yourself. Observe yourself and if you see that you're not able to manage your moods, then take help from your friends and family members. Most important thing which I believe is that you must not break your everyday routine/schedule due to these problems. If you'll be involved in your day-to-day activities, you will try to keep away from suicidal thoughts. Stay busy, don't put much pressure on yourself. Life is a blessing and you must never think of ending it . In stress period, try to get a good sleep and eat well. Do exercise well. When we feel there is nothing left for us in this life, and when we think we're guilty , then suicidal thoughts comes to our mind. If your past life or your actions in the past disturbs you, try to forget them because by keeping them in mind you will only feel bad about yourself. The secret of good life is t accept yourself and love yourself. So never dislike yourself, if you dislike anything about yourself, just try to change it but never think of taking such drastic step of ending your life for any reason. Nothing is important than your life. Always remember in your mind that no matter how bad the situation arrives in your life, you will never quit. During those difficult phase of life, you must pamper yourself and should try to divert your mind. See only you can come out of your own thoughts, people around you can help you to certain extent but finally it's you who will make a decision to keep the hope of living alive always. After all life is a precious gift and you must value it. Always think about your parents, your siblings, your friends who love you so much. You must be there for them all the time, so who will take care of them if you plan to end your life? Think about it. Life is never the same, people in your life who are hurting you will never be the same, the bad times in life will never be the same, everything in you life might change next day. So just believe in positive thinking. If today you are failed in something( your studies, your job, your relationships) then it's really OKAY.  Nothing is more important than your own life. Everything can be achieved later on in your life, if not today. You can always work to improve yourself and make your dreams come true, but how? Only when you will decide to LIVE LIFE and not SUICIDE.

It's your life, someone's negativity towards you, should never affect you in any way. Create a life which you want to live. You ending your life is solution and if try you can always find solution to your problems. Never think of taking revenge from anyone. Try to build a good image of yourself, when you think you're a loser and you're not able to keep everyone happy in your family or society, you think there is no point in living in this world. But that is not the way you should think.  Life can be better next moment or next day or after few years. Depending your purpose of life on others, depending your happiness on other's acceptance of you is not right. You don't need other's approval to live in this world. Your happiness is what matters the most. When we are in school or college, we are not matured enough to think properly as we dont really know the realities of this world, we are unable to understand the human behaviour and when we realise it and not able to fit ourselves in this world, we think of Suicide. Give yourself time and with time all your problems can fade away, which seem big today. Learn to forgive yourself and accept yourself. Also learn to forgive others and accept others as they are. Don't judge yourself and don't let others judgement affect you. Take life easy!

This book will give you strength to cope with life's problem. Sometimes we are not able to understand our problems/situations properly but through this book, we can see the struggles of other people's life and then learn a  lesson to never GIVE UP ON LIFE.


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