Celebrating Mother's Day with #MyFilmyMom

Hello friends,

Today I am going to share story of #MyFilmyMom and my beautiful relationship with her. Mother's Day is special day for all of us as we start recollecting all the beautiful memories we have shared with our mother. Every mom is filmy because they do get over emotional when we have to go out from our state to some other state or country for our studies or work. My mom too is very emotional and the moment I go out, she just can't stop her tears flowing from her eyes. This crying story of her's started when I got admission into a hostel in 4th standard. She came to visit me every Sunday without fail and asked me to write letters every week. She even  used to tell papa that why did he send his son so far in hostel and whenever she talked to me on call, she started crying. I could stay in hostel for two years only as my mother couldn't see me far away from her.

Then I remember how she always used to send me delicious laddoos. I think no one can make such yummy laddoos that my hostel friends still come over to my place and ask for those laddoos. I can say that my mom resemble Shashi of 'English Vinglish' who cooks delicious food. She is a lady who is a multi-tasker and I am always so dependant on her for everthing. When she is not at home, I am unable to find any of my clothes. I miss yummy food cooked by her whenever I go out from Delhi. She is perfect mom. I love her everything about her. Whenever I am not able to reach at any decision, she is the one who helps me. The love and care I have received from my mom is the reason for what I am today. Without her constant support I could never become anything in life. I love her the most in my life and always will.

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