The world is more connected than ever before. When pondering the future of your business, you may be looking at international expansion—and through modern technology, any metropolis in the world is only a Skype call or e mail away.

This new sense of closeness brings new challenges as global businesses struggle to communicate effectively with each other. Each organization is influenced by the region it calls home—a business in Japan does things quite differently from one based in France. Workplace culture helps create a united front, but it can lead to unwanted tension and conflict.

This new guide to international business culture can help you avoid misunderstandings during negotiations and other important talks. Author and businessman Ashraf Haggag discusses a number of important issues, including

  • the definition of culture as a driving force in business,
  • the unique cultures of a variety of countries 

  • and global regions,
  • the ways culture directs business negotiations,
  • the influence of culture on business strategy,
  • the effect of culture on business communications, and
  • the role culture plays in consumer buying behavior.
  • Understanding the ideological foundation of an organization will help you better prepare for negotiations and accommodate its unique corporate environment with enhanced insight.

So, I received a review copy of "Echos of culture in the corporate environment" by Ashraf Haggag whose actually known for writing business books from vinfluencers in exchange of an honest review of this work. As the very title suggests and gave an influence on the word culture. One can guess very well that it's about culture. The original word may seem to be a small one but it actually contains a lot of story in between that simple word. That's the subject matter of this book basically to lead you around the different cultures and to give you a basic idea about what you're dealing with or may have to deal further. And am glad to say that the writer actually did a great job with words and with the concept too. As it's not only render through the definition but the inner meaning and the thoughts related to the culture. Though it may seem to be a business book but it's not only for people who are looking forward to set up a business. It's a general book for each and everyone to make them understand the topic well so that they can present themselves gracefully to the world. This is my first ever read of Ashraf Haggag. I'm not going to include the parts of the book as they may seem to be spoilers to some. But am just trying to give you all a brief idea about what this book is all about. And why you should pick it, only to get a better picture of the cultures of world. How others think about the same thing with different perspective of theirs and why you're different than them. All this things are included. Also things related to Sociology, and me myself having this subject as a part of my study so it's actually helpful to know the subject much more better. Overall. Not too long book you can surely give it a read anytime to get a better picture of the world you're living in. Happy reading, keep smiling. Thanks :)


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