Do What Others Can't Do

Hi All!
I am writing this post as part of contest organised by Indiblogger and  ASUS .
Contest Topic is:Give your phone a super power and tell us how it would help you see what others can't see and do what others cant't do!

Doing something different is really a fun.We all love to do things which others cant do.But can our phones too something different for us?It would be great if our phones could so something incredible for us which others can't do.
If given a chance and if I can make it possible then I would give my cellphone a super power which I will name as 'Be Unique Power'.This power will help me to see real face of people and also it will help me to do something about them like if they are good then its fine and if they are bad then I can try to change them in right way.Knowing the reality of people in some meetings is a tough task so I believe there should be that super app in my phone which can help me see the bad qualities of people and the good qualities as well.As And then I can change them accordingly.Because changing people is something impossible and sometimes it becomes really important to change some people in life.Not every person but atleast those with whom we have to live our  whole life and we want to make our life better with them.This super power of my cellphone would really help me in many ways.


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