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Hi Vstyle readers
I am sharing a unique recipe  for the my beautiful contest running at Indiblogger.
I have not learnt this recipe from any youtube video or from anywhere else ,but this is my original recipe created by me.
Potato & Pumpkin vegetable recipe:
We need
~4 boiled potatoes
~Chopped Pumpkin cubes
~Salt,red pepper,coriander powder

First heat the pan and add some oil to it.Now put the pumpkin cubes in it.After heating them for 5 mins,take them off from burner.Now put these pieces in mixer and mix them with some water.
Now in a pan,add oil and cumin seeds.Now add chopped onions and fresh cream with pumpkin puree we already prepared.Add all the spices in it and then put the potatoes cubes in it.Now after cooking it for 10-15 minutes,we can add coriander leaves for garnishing.We can present this yummy vegetable in trendy serving dish from Borosil

Make this easy recipe at home and I am sure you will surely impress your loved ones with its unique taste.

Eat in Style~

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