Journey From Or To And

Journey from Or to And

Here I would love to share a story of a woman in my life who took charge of her life and made a choice.She refused to choose one Or the other and instead followed her heart and this makes her life journey very special.

I am sharing her story because I want everyone to know that how can a woman also opt for her choice.We all have choices in life,but some people get their desired things without struggle and some people has to suffer a lot in order to get what they want from life and also they face many difficulties in choosing their desired profession.But we all do have choices.Easy choices or tough choices.But woman who want to achieve something in life never think about the easy or the tough ways,they choose what they want.Life is very  unpredictable in good sense also and in bad sense also.Some women limit themselves to one specific role which is assigned to them which is of taking care of household,raising children and doing things according to what society wants them to do.Some women dont allow this to happen with them.My mother had this struggling life where she had to select between a family life or her career.She was considered good for taking care of household only but she choose to take care of family and also her career.She is very social lady and she never want to sit at home without any identity of her own.She did not want to be dependent on my father or her parents for all her needs.She thought of making her own life where she can be what she is and  not what world wants her to be.I am proud of my mother that she selected her roles wisely.She had no support or guidance but she was self-motivated towards her goal in life.I want to learn many things from her and what I have learnt good is all because of her.She is a confident lady and has a good respect in society.She thinks a lot about her family but she also want to be working and living a professional life too.

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