#UseYourAnd What Defines Her

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A woman who lives her life doing the things she is passionate about is what makes me respect her more because person who tries to make her life,really needs to be respected.A woman who never stay back in fulfilling her dreams and desires is what makes her unique.Everyone should live a life doing things which are important to them and not especially important to other people.Everyone if free to do things which makes him/her different from all.A person can never live a life happily if  she/he is forcing their mind to think like others.Everyone has different thinking,likes,dislikes which defines that person completely.
Today in this post I would like to honour one such lady who lived her life on her own terms and I respect her a lot.She is my mother and my very good friend.She do what she likes to do.She plays so many roles in one single life and this is what makes her an all-rounder woman.She is wife,she is a very good mother,she is a good cook and she also pursues her passion for writing.These are the things she is passionate about.She dont keep herself limited to household responsibilities only but she also takes active part in the things which make her happy about  herself.She believes that woman can take care of so many things at a time.She is a woman who enjoys her so many roles.She can't be limited to one label.
She inspires other women also to become what they really want to become.I want to honour her through this post and I want every woman to celebrate their potential.Women should know their talents very well and should try to make their lives independent.

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