Free Spirited Traveller

Hello people,

Fashion is the purest form of self-expression.I love expressing through fashion .I am a free spirited traveller and I am always on the go.I take my backpack and keep some stuff and move to explore new places.I wear what I love.My fashion all about being casual.
I am sharing my idea of free look

I feel fashion gives me freedom to wear clothes which I like and in which I feel free. Its all about expressing my individuality.I mostly wear shorts,if my friends and relatives spot me in shorts in malls and other public places,I dont  feel uncomfortable because I never get time to dress properly for any day.I just take 5 minutes and I am ready to go anywhere.On vacations ,I can wear my shorts ,my sneakers and with it I can pair my jacket.That's my style and I love to carry it my way.

This independence lets choose our our fashion which sets us free!

I love shopping from because they have collection which we can #WearToExpress ourselves!

Stay In Style

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