Black Is Always The New Black


Well friends this is whats trending on everyone's blog these days!The power of black.
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I have to tell five black things I want in my life,the list is really very long but I would mention only the 5 most important things.
No doubt,black is everyone's favourite color for so many reasons.

Now comes my five black things I need in life:
First comes black sunglasses as nothing looks more cool than a pair of aviator sunglasses.I really want them to look stylish and to protect my eyes from sun.

Second comes a pair f black fitted jeans which goes well with every tee and shirt in every season.Black denims are a must have in everybody's closet as these are really stylish and never out of trend.

Third comes black sneakers.We all know how advantageous it is to have black sneakers in ones closet as they dont look dirty even if we have not clean them properly(this tip of for all lazy lads like me).Other than this reason,black sneakers work as comfortable footwear and we can plan a great adventurous trip with our group of friends.Whenever I am in hurry,I just pick my black shoes and I am ready to go.

Fourth is Beautiful Black Watch-Only men knows how important it is to wear black colored watches (as it really leaves great impression on girls..thats the first reason) .Wearing black watch is something I love since I was a kiddo.This color watch with big dial and wide strap is enough to make people turn their heads.

Fifth.Black collared tee,a must have in everyones wardrobe as this tee can be worn for casual outings with friends and also we we're partying out with friends.(I also look a bit fair in this colored tee,cool idea isnt it? )

My wishlist doesnt end here but there are many more things to add up.

Thank You!
Rishi :) 

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