What Adds Zest To My Life!

Hi All!

This post is a part of the Zest Up Your Life activity in association with TATA MOTORS ZEST and BlogAdda.com

Featuring just 5 things and people in this post is really difficult as there are many more things which adds zest to my life.

First in this list is my loving and caring mom.I love her a lot like any other child because I am really close to her.I share my every problem with her and I get instant solution to it.She is the one whom I listen to most because I know she will always guide me to right path.She never say'I AM BUSY' to me.Even if  is she is not well she never forgets to do her duties properly.She get up early in morning before me to make lunch for me,I am a grown up now but still she treats me like a baby.She waits for me to come back home,she is awake even if I come around 12 or 1 am because she wants to spend time with me so that she can share everything with me and also listen to me about how I spent my day.Telling her everything adds zest to my life.

Second is my cool gang of friends who are my partner everywhere I go.From studying together and attending lectures in college to bunking few classes together we're in no mood to study.They ask me to study and they also ask me to enjoy my life in free time.I am a kind of a bit  lazy person but I am glad to be surrounded by people who always keep pushing me to move ahead in life rather than just taking rest in holidays.

Third is my car.Without my car my life is incomplete as it adds the zest to move ahead in life smoothly.My car is like my life partner.I go everywhere in my car and it makes my tough ways a lot more easier.Driving my car is what gives me happiness.

Fourth is offcourse my cellphone,It helps me work efficiently and keeps me connected with my friends.

Fifth is my childhood memories,whenever I remember those beautiful moments of my childhood I feel like all my tensions are vanished.


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