Story of Mardaani

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This is written as part of I am Mardaani at I am mardaani activity exclusively for Indian bloggers.

Women's life are tough we all know that.She starts her struggle from the very first day she enters this world and till the end of her life.But the real woman is the one who never give up and inspires others too to live strongly.I know one woman in my life who has proved that she is a Mardaani.I can proudly say that she is my mother who faced many difficult times in her life.She could only study till fifth standard due as she was not provided with much facilities.Then she got married at an early age of 17 but she was very adjusting in her new family.Doing household work,taking good care of us is what she loved the most.Then our father fell ill and we all were so worried but my mother did her best and never made us feel helpless or weak.She  was always there to guide and advice  us and worked so hard for us.I can say she is really a Mardani because Mardaani she not only a woman who fight physically but a woman who also fights everyday emotionally and mentally.She was not so strong physically but she did all her duties wholeheartedly and now also she is always with me whenver  I need any advice.She is the best.I remember she used to tell us her real life stories on how she faced difficult phases of her life all alone.I get my inspiration from her to always stay strong.Its because of her courage only that we all are living a good and respectable life.She never left hope in times of difficulties.She has prove that women is powerful like Goddess Durga.I salute my mom.

My mom is a lady who inspires others also to fight for their life and freedom.She helps other woman too and motivate them to work hard.She is a very good lady at heart.



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