Get your confidence back with clean-shaven look

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I am going to share my personal life experience on how clean-shaven look brought back my lost confidence in life.I was or I would say I am a very lazy type of guy.Sometimes I over-sleep and sometimes I get scolding from mom for listening to her when she wants me to get anything from market.I usually get late wherever I go because of my impunctual nature.To add to this,I always kept my face non-shaven.I never took it seriously.I thought it was fine that way.I felt like not going to salon for the same.Sometimes when guests arrived at my home,they did react weird looking at my heavy stubble and some made faces without saying anything.Frankly speaking I didnot mind that.But later on I realised that why I was not getting much attention from people( and  most importantly girls,heheh).I am not a guy who thinks much about what people think or say or do.But still I wanted to look good for my own sake.To get compliments is something which boosts our self-confidence,you all must have experienced it too.Then I analysed myself,my face ,my looks.I thought of changing myself a little.I opted for clean-shaven look.I felt light and got a lost confidence back.I looked more smart and attractive.I noticed that even people started thinking of me as more responsible and hygienic.Now I love this stubble-free look always and I keep clicking lots of selfies. :) In my university also,teachers loved my clean-shaven look and said now you look like a descent student.I would love to carry this face look as it gave me the title of well-groomed personality.Now I dont have to do extra efforts to make myself look attentive.I am no more considered as irresponsible boy.

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