God is a Gamer~Book Review

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Which book are you reading these days?Do you like reading thriller books as I will be reviewing this thriller book today,i.e.God Is A Gamer by brilliant thriller writer Ravi Subramanian.He is a very good thriller writer and creates a sense of suspense in reader's mind and reader keep turning the pages in order to know what mystery reveals on the other page.I was excited to read and write this book's review on my blog as its my first book review on my blog.BlogAdda sent me this book and here is the book review:
The book focusses on new concept of Bitcoins,a digital currency and it helps in storing and converting the money.Bitcoins needs private keys and public keys which are given to the user.Through public keys,other people can easily transfer money in our account and private keys are only used by the account holder.
The main characters in this story are Aditya,Varun,Sundeep,Tanya,Swami,Gloria,Malvika.In the beginning,the first case that comes to the notice of Bankers Aditya and Swami is when they come to know that there is a fraud in their bank.There bank's safety and privacy was at stake as account holders of their bank started complaining.They see that customers of their bank are sent fake emails and then their accounts are getting hacked and all their money from their bank account was sent to other bank accounts.Cases of such transfers of money were getting increased  but nobody was able to know the reason for this even after trying so hard.Then there was some politics that was going in the bank among the staff for promotion reasons.Malvika was blaming swami for all this fraud issue in order to protect herself and to get profits and promotion.Then the story moves to Sundeep's Indiscapes site where he is facing problems with his popular game Townsville.Then comes the case where they come to know that someone,with a big group is into CottonTrails business,which supplied drugs.Then there is another mystery that all the game player's accounts were hacked and if there was any Bitcoins account then it was hacked by the malware system installed in computers by the hackers.It was interesting to know how people were playing revenge games with each other.All were master-minds.Noone came to know whats going on in other person's mind.The mystery unfolds but the end was not as expected as people who played the games very smartly were not the ones caught by FBI.They tried to escape with their planning.It was about revenge and could not distinguish who was right and who were wrong.Because the people who took revenge also did crime to some extent in order to give punishment to the culprits.I think the end could be better by not taking the revenge and commiting crimes for teaching lessons to others but by showing the proofs against the real masterminds who started this dirty game and exploited other people.That would have been a true revenge or a punishment for the wrong-doers.I enjoyed reading this book and loved it.I hope to read more of Ravi Subramanian's books in future.Thank You BlogAdda for giving me this opportunity to read and share the review of this great book with my blog readers.I found the language of this book really good and easy to understand.

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