Open Defecation -Impact on the dignity of a female

Hi friends!
We all have good fully-furnished homes,good kitchen and good washrooms.We live a comfortable and hygienic life.But have you ever thought that if we were not provided with all sanitation facilities then how our life would have been?Do you imagine yourself  healthy under unhygienic conditions?No,we cant even think of that situation.Because we all have never gone through such miserable conditions.We have grown up under healthy environment and we are living in clean and hygienic conditions.But dont we all deserve atleast these basic conditions of life where we can get clothing,shelter and food?When we talk about also includes good washroom,a clean washroom where we can maintain a women's hygiene and dignity.That is right of every girl,every women in India and in every country.
When we wont have washrooms in our homes then obviously girls will have to go out,that looks really weird and unimaginative to us.When we dont provide such basic facilities to our girls,then its obvious that they will fall sick due to unhygienic conditions.Then we will have to spend money on doctors fees and medication,so its better that our girls dont get any disease and they are provided with good toilets,because we need only a small amount of money and its a one time investment.We save money for our future but what would be the use of that money when our children wont be able to maintain good health.Like we need clean food,clean water,clean clothes,we also need clean toilets.

Lets we all focus on making cleaner toilets in every village.This is an urgent need of hour.We must think about this seriously and not only we should think but we should also start working on creating better and safer conditions of life for women of our villages.Women acts like a pillar of family.They do take care of us all the time,now its our turn to do something for them.I am sure you all agree with me so lets join hands together and help kids of our villages to live a healthy and respected life.
Women need to have clean toilets in their home ,in this way we can maintain a woman's dignity and also protect her from diseases.Then only She will be able to lead a respected and healthy life.

We all can bring change in the lives of all females ,by showing our support for the Domex initiative.All you need to do is click on the "Contribute Tab "on and Domex will contribute Rs 5 on your behalf to eradicate open-defecation,thereby helping females live a dignified life.I salute Domex for their initiative.

You can know more about Domex ToiletForBabli Initiative here~
I really appreciate Domex for all their help to kids.
I hope you all contribute by clicking on the above link.

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