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Gifts do play an important role in our relationships.Gifts can be in the form of money,things,or gift of time.Few years back my brother wanted admission in his choice of college.But due to some reasons we were not able to afford the money.He was quite upset and really needed some moral support.He always dreamt of taking admission in his choice of college.I spent time with him and tried to ask him whether he really wanted to take admission in that college where the admission fee and monthly fee is really high.He said-yes,this is my dream college.I took a big decision within a matter of second that yes I will make his dream come true ,no matter what .I had some fixed deposits in my bank account and from that I gave him the required amount who seemed really depressed with the thought of not being able to admission in the college.I handed over him the money with an advice that you have to study really well and you have to return this money whenever you can after you get a good job.This was really a dil ki deal as it saved my brother's dream on time.He studied really good and passed with best results.It was a proud moment for me.being a youngster I could understand his mentality and thought of studying in a college of our choice.
Dil ki Deal means a deal which makes us feel happy from inside.Which is just a calling from our heart and we listen to it without giving it a second thought.When we follow our heart blindly without thinking much about our time and money.When we just think about the happiness of our loved ones and nothing else.
Relationships need so many things in our order to keep them maintained for a longer time,those things include spending time together,sharing our opinions ,talking out what we feel,discussing important matters of life,doing things together,eating out and enjoying the life together.Money is also important sometimes in the need of hour.
Sometimes the small gestures like an understanding smile is also enough in order to keep the relationship in a happy state..These appreciation and moral support always keep reminding us our goal in life and we should help each other to attain the biggest goal in their life.

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