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Hello all!
Are you the one who listen to heart or mind?Well,I am the one who mostly listen to my mind but I changed a lot for the sake of my loved ones.In our family,I am a guy who doesnt spend much and think before spending any money.But sometimes we have to follow our heart and have to make Dil Ki Deal so that we can bring smiles on the faces of our closed ones.
My story is related to a dil ki deal.It was my brother's birthday and we all were discussing what gifts we should give him.Suddenly he expressed his choice that he wants a brand new shoes from his favourite brand.For me it was quite expensive and could not afford it easily.But then my heart that I should give him the gift of his choice and in my heart I decided that I will surely surprise him with his desired present.
I got my first salary and it was really precious to me.I gave some amount from it to my mother and the rest of the money I kept with me.Then I called my brother and asked him to see some shoes of his choice online.He did not know what was going on as I tried to act smart.He selected the shoes from his favourite brand.I was so happy to see that the great deal online on the shoes he selected.The shoes was already available at discounted price and then there was some discount coupon option which gave me some additional discount.It was the great deal and I could save lots of money too and made me realise that it was the dilkideal or the special deal.This brought me and brother closer as we stopped quarreling and we started understanding each other's choice.We became the best of friends.
We need to speak about feelings,our connection with other people.We need to express our thoughts about the bond we share.Relationships need to be maintained so that we feel happy and peaceful in life by being surrounded by the people who love us and whom we love more than ourselves.
They say right that when we follow our heart ,we can create magic.And the magic worked for me.I am proud of my decision that I spent my first salary in buying something useful for my family member.

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