Celebrating Life

Hello all!
Everyone loves to celebrate festivals and big occassions but these are temporary happiness .I believe we need happiness everyday in order to celebrate life everyday and that perma
Celebrating life is my idea of living life to the fullest.There are many things and people in my life that make me feel alive everyday and fill my life with inspiration.I feel motivated to do good with the advice of these special people in  my life.Life should be perfect and in order to make it perfect we have to put efforts.I try to interact with my loved ones and they make my life really interesting.My brother is the best person in mu life and I need to talk to him everyday in order to make my day beautiful.He guides me to do right and we both spend attleast one hour together to discuss our work and everyday routine.We feel connected even when we are away from home.He is a like my teacher who is always there for me whenever I need him.He is my happiness.He is my elder brother who takes care of me and never shouts on me even if its my mistake.I love him so much for the what he is.He is a man of principles.I respect him the way I respect my father because all my life I have seen him as my ideal.He is the only person I cant live without.He is my friend with whom I goes out to watch movie and have good food.He is not just my brother but my everything.

I dont wait for any event to live happy life,I try to make it happy everyday.I have joined many activities with my brother to keep myself fit.We have joined gym and everyday we go out and spend time together.We go shopping together once or twice in a month.We try to find happiness in small things and events also rather than waiting for happiness.

I like to spend time with my family members which is my source of happiness.Life is very short and I never miss any opportunity to make my family feel loved.The smiles and laughter that I get to see in my family is what makes my everyday very happy.Life is very beautiful and we need to make it beautiful everyday by spreading smiles among all.I love my life so much and I want to be the source of happiness for every person in my life.

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