#CRASHTHEPEPSIIPL :My favourite ads

Hi all!
Pepsi and Blogadda gave everyone an opportunity to #CrashthePepsiIpl in our ow way.Many people created the pepsi which were shown during the IPL.Now all the ads are submitted by all,its time to vote for our favourite ads.Ads which we think have the potential to garner the most public votes and be the People's choice Pepsi IPL Ad.Blogadda again gives us a beautiful opportunity to show the power of voting and power of blogging!
The best thing about these ads which are created is that they are made by audience itself and when an audience makes ad then they make it with the perspective of an audience.In this way these ads will be loved by all viewers and people will get break from other boring ads.India is the world's biggest democracy,Democracy gives us the right to vote for every important things,so that we all can freely tell our opinion.Now its time to change the fate of those hard-workers who have put lot of efforts in making these video ads.We can make an aadmi to win the fame which he/she deserves for making the creative ads and I know very well how to exercise of power of voting.
Out of the winning ads which are selected by jury,we have to vote for ads which made us laugh or entertained us.Then all these ads which will be finally selected to feature on TV.It means now we have the super power to choose ads of our choice.This is something exciting to vote for.Ads which I think are the best among all are very nicely made.The ad in which it focusses on selective-hearing,I found it really good as everyone thinks that Pepsi is the only name for thirst.When anyone feels thirsty ,they dont go for water but for Pepsi bottle which satisfies their thirst.This ads shows the reality of present time that people want pepsi and that too instantly.LIVE IT ABHI!Pepsi is like a water to their life.In the ad Pepsi seller pretends that he is not able to understand when he hears that customer wants bottle of water and not pepsi.When other kid asks for pepsi bottle,he listen to it and handover him bottle of Pepsi instantly.Rajma and upma one ad is very well made too as it represents different culture but pepsi culture is same in all states,whether its south Indian state or north Indian.

I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?


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