Equality in Household

Equality is needed everywhere,starting from the school,college,at workplace,in household and in every area because feeling unequal to others is not accepted by any person.When we go to school,we follow a certain dress code,no matter from which class we belong to,whether we are super-rich,rich or middle -class.This is followed in order to maintain equality among all students.In the same way,equality should be maintained and it i sour duty to maintain equality.To maintain equality what we need to do:

  • We need to change the mentality of all members,men and women both.Women need to know that its not their duty to do all household work,whether men need to understand that it is not right to put all the burden of household chores on the shoulder of women.
  • Keeping in mind the health of women,men and women both should divide the work equally
  • If men and women both are working then also an alternative can be there which is to work equally after coming home from office or any workplace
  • Women can choose separate days of work for his husband and he can do some easy tasks but he should definitely help her household chores
  • Sharing the load is really important for a happier household and this can promote equality in household
  • If parents will do the work equally then our children will learnt the meaning of equality better because whatever parents do,they set an example for their children.Children will also develop an habit of dividing their work among their siblings.
  • Women need rest and if they will keep working for hours continuously then it may lead to deterioration of her health and which in return would affect the health of all family members.Because women is caretaker of all family members and her health is also important just like all other members of home.Her health should not be neglected in any way.
  • Life is all about sharing the load together and also sharing the happy moments together.Our life partner plays an important role in our life and we should atleast try to help her as much as we can.People should know that sharing the load is what makes our household happier and helping in our own home can surely make us feel proud that we are contributing towards a better household.Life can be made easier and happier with our little efforts.
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