Hi all,
Voting for something we like is always fun and it gives us freedom to express our choice.Today I am not going to vote for a politician or any dance show participant but I am going to vote for the video ads that were made by ads lovers.They really put lot of effort and used their creativity in the best way they can use.All ads are super awesome but here I would like to vote for only two which really impressed me.Every ad which is submitted is well-made but only few will get the opportunity to be featured on TV screens.Its an opportunity for all bloggers to vote for the video ads of your choice and make them win.If we like some ads and those ads will be seen straight on our TV screens then that would make us happy and we can proudly say that those ads were selected by us,voted by us.Not only this but we will give new talent and opportunity to show their ads which is loved by all of us.In this way we will also be able to see ads of our choice and not the ones which are meaningless and irritates us during the ads breaks.

Freedom to make ads is really something new and exciting.We never imagine that common people like us would get opportunity to make ads and also vote for our choice of ads.This initiative is extremely appreciable.

Now its time to show you ads which won my heart completely.I believe these ads have the potential to win #CRASHTHEPEPSIIPL

First ad shows how important it is to have good friend who becomes our only motivator in tough times.He who invites us to watch cricket match together and also keeps refreshing drink pepsi for us at his home.This is really very sweet friendship.Friendship+Cricket+Pepsi makes life happy.This ads motivates us to stay happy in life always and when pepsi friendship is with us then no situation in life can make us feel unhappy.Right?

Second ad is about Free Hugs.Well,this is something different as the guy in the ad offers free hugs,isn't this free hugs thing sounds crazy?Yes,it is but in the end when pepsi if offered for free then free hugs are also accepted by girl.This is kind of sweet friendship video ad.

I am in love with these ads and I am waiting to see these ads win and I watch them on TV.

I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?


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