Trending Food This Summer

Hello foodies...

I love eating spicy food and in this post I am going share the pictures of food which are the hottest and spicy food trending this summer according to me.

Recently I ordered food online from and my food ordering experience with this site has been really amazing.I have clicked all these pictures and not taken from any other source.I hope you enjoy my food photography too.Its gonna be delight to our eyes.

I got my order and I couldn't wait to taste the oh-so delicious Dahi Kebab, Green Chilly parantha or kulcha and Honey Chilly Potato.These 3 food are my choice for the trending food .

Hungry for hungcurd Kebab

Dahi ke kebabs are quick starter belongs to Hyderabadi cuisine.The kebab's tangy taste makes it delicious.These deep fried kebabs are crispier in taste and this makes them the hottest food trending  in summer!Some might love the taste but those who dont like curd wont like it.But the truth is that this has become the most wanted dish among youngsters.The dish is as interesting in the taste just like its name.
Sweet and spicy snack


It is best fixture of an Indian Chinese meal.We can enjoy it anytime.The sweet taste of honey and the spicy taste of chilli makes it the best snack.Mixed with onion and capsicum,this dish tastes superb.Serve this dish with fresh salad and no other starter can taste better than honey chilli potatoes!
I love eating this dish especially in summer.The different kinds of sauces which are used in the making of chilly potatoes is what makes this dish the most exotic dish for foodies like me.
All I need is a green chilly parantha


I am big bhukkad and when it comes to eating chilly paranthas ,I can eat not just one,not just two but atleast three in one go. Green chilly parantha and the tops pickle together is the best combination!It is made up with flour and even one is enough and you will feel heavy!The green chilly parantha is surely the hottest food trend.You can have it with your ginger tea or with lassi and eat it in a desi style.

Eat stylishly with me!


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