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Inspired from the article from Rewardme Site I have writing this blogpost.I have taken few tips from Summer Fashion Trends Post on this website.There are more than 400 fashion tips and I am really impressed to read all these useful posts which are written so well for the readers.I love reading about fashion trends.And I will be sharing Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves in this post.

We all know summer fashion is all about lightweight fabrics, bright colors.Here I will tell you about the latest fashion trends.
Whether you are a beach babe, or pool -side beauty,a swimsuit that flatters your body while you sunbathe is necessity.

When we think of summer,swimsuit is the first clothing item that comes to our mind .While selecting swimsuit keep these tips in mind.If you do not want to show much skin then you can go for bandeau swimsuits as they are designed for woman who doesnt want to show much skin and still can look stylish wearing it.You can select from exotic prints,wild colors or modest cover-ups!

Shoes-Flip flops is what comes to my mind when thinking of shoes in summer.You can also choose from colorful and floral sneakers or peep toes.You can also go for strappy party ready metallic sandals.Gladiator trend is huge as you can wear them on anywhere from dance party to casual get togethers. You should also look for comfort and luxury while selecting your footwear for summer.

Dresses-While selecting the dresses you must think of investing in some basic tank tops and shorts as these are the part of summer dressing and to flaunt your legs is the talk of the Indian Fashion Scene.Vintage belts are so in so just add it on your dress and you are ready to go.
Don't forget to buy dresses in yellow ,white and camel colors which are synonymous to summer style.Go for halter tops as they look great in summer.

Sunglasses-The allure of perfect eyewear can turn even scrooge into shopaholic .Using sunglasses you can protect your eyes from damage and at the same time look stylish as well.No doubt,sunglasses can add oomph to any outfit.I never forget to carry my sunglasses.Buy a classic pair of aviators and you can look attractive.One more tip I would like to give you is that you should always buy good branded sunglasses otherwise the local and not so good quality sunglasses can damage your eyes.

Bags-You should invest in classy tote or clutch.Slings bags can also be a good option for girls on the go.

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