Happy Memories

I remember those days when we used to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in childhood. The excitement levels used to high up every year.It was like a carnival more than just one day festival.Now when I think of those innocent days, there's this extra-ordinary feeling of togetherness and sibling love that we celebrate on Raksha Bandhan. I miss those days so badly ,I miss the fights of my dram queen sis. She used to fight even when there was no reason to fight and I was a naughty child too. We used to fight for no reason and when we had to go out to play we again acted like we are best friends. But now when we are grown ups, we regret the time we wasted in fighting over silly things. I used to tease her and never gave her any compliment when she dressed well also and this used to irritate her a lot. I knowingly tried to irritate her by changing channels of TV. We have so many good memories which made our childhood special.We have faced life's problems together as we grew up together and we learnt to deal with life's problem together.We know each other better than anyone else.She is like a mom to me as she cares for me as if I am a little boy. Whenever I come home late and mom is already slept,she serves me hot food and then says that "bro, dont forget to bring my pizza tomorrow ". She is like a princess to out family as she finds happiness in every small moments also and believes in making every moment special to all of us.This is the reason I say #MySiblingRocks

What I like in her most is her patience level and her understanding level.She understands me better than any of my friend.She solves my biggest problems in a matter of seconds.She is the one with whom I dont hide anything.She is my biggest support.I love her simplicity and I consider her as my ideal.Her rules of living a perfect life is what I like. Her way of dealing with problems of life is what gives me inspiration too.She is a strong girl with set of principles for life.She beleives in doing what is right. I truly respect her. She is a source of motivation for me.I find a guide in her.

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