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This post is very special to me as I am going to share my personal experience on how meeting my family and friends changed my life and gave me a reason to lookup.I have been in hostel for so many years and I used to get  a chance to meet my parents and siblings and old school friends rarely.I used to miss them so much.But I had no option.Then I really needed some big advice about my career and I was really confused about it.I had no clear mind.Then my family met me and became my motivation for the rest of my life.They gave me the much needed strength I was looking for before meeting them.My family taught me to take right decision even in the tougher times.Meeting with all my family members together made my day and memories beautiful.I cannot forget that special day which brought so much peace of mind to me making me more strong.Their words gave me strength which I really needed.Their hugs took away all my tensions and anxiety.I was more confident about my career then.We should keep meeting all our family members together because these moments become memorable and also keeps us together in the journey of life.This life's journey is tough,we all know that ,but when we all are together we can make it enjoyable.
We need to host get-togethers for family and friends from time to time.Our friends and family are the people who keep us motivated when we loose our self-confidence.Self-confidence is what we all need in journey of life.When we start feeling negative about our life we should take out time to meet our loved ones because only these people can give us the strength for life.

When we are together in all times,good or bad,our moments become memorable and strong.We dont feel lonely.Have you ever noticed how big smile you got on your face when you met your school friend after a long time.Because these friends also brings the happy memories attached with these special relations.I remember that whenever I met my school friend after many years,I could not stop talking to them endlessly.They makes my day memorable.Even now whenever I feel something is not right or whenever I feel that we all should meet together,I arrange a special hangout for all of us,my family and friends and I feel more positive.

We can find strength within ourselves too,but at some phases of life,we need some other people to fill us with motivation and we feel that we are not lonely.

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