Hey all
We all love babies,is there anyone who doesnt love babies?I dont think there is anyone because babies make everyone smile with their innocent smiles.Their every action brings a big smile on every member of family.I love his small steps that he takes with my help,the way he walks so slowly and stare at me after every single steps he takes.I just love to capture his never-ending funfilled activities.He dont understand anything but he tries to understand by watching at my phone for long time.He poses everytime in front of my camera and smile.
What makes my baby happy?
He loves to play with us.If anybody comes at our place,and tries to shake hand with him,he give them hi-five.It is his favourite activity.If somebody looks at him and try to scare him,he just close his eyes so nicely and again open them slowly.He is very naughty.He is the favourite kid of all here as he entertains everyone with his innocent activities.
He starts crying when he finds his pants wet and what makes him very happy is his dry pants by pampers- https://www.rewardme.in/tag/Pampers

If his pants are dry all night,he wakeup smiling on the next morning which shows that he slept properly without any irritation of getting wet.He cant speak now at this age what he likes and what he dont,but his actions,his emotions speaks a lot about when he feel happy and when he feel irritated.
Being a parent,we always try to make him feel dry night and day,so that he can enjoy his favourite moments with us.
If I am doing something on my laptop,he comes to me starts to type something by his little fingers.

I try to engage him in different plays,so that it will help them in his development.Some easy games like arranging the toys on right place and many such games created by me make him happy.I know these games will help him in his mental growth and physical too.I try to engage him in various activities which are good for his overall development.

Sometimes I control him,but sometimes I give him freedom to explore the house.Because specialists say that it is good for him.I never leave him alone because keeping him under my observation is very important.He feels happy when I come closer to him and give him a huge hug.He feels special,he smiles and love to be pampered.

When he sees other baby with him,he feels great and loves to dance with other babies,Sometimes he irritates them by touching them and pushing them.He love music and whenever I drive my car he start jumping on car seat.Sleeping for long hours also makes him happy.He is a happy baby.


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