Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao

Hi friends!
Today I will tell you all who inspired me to live a on my own and to become self-reliant.I was a lazy girl who always used to live a life dependent on others.I had a habit to ask my family members to do my every work for me.I did not like to do my work.If anyone refused to do my work,I became angry.My mother did not say anything to me because of her unconditional love and I guess her love made me feel special but at the same time I misused her love.For every silly work,I called up my mom,my sisters and my elder brother to do it for me.I loved sleeping whole day,even now I love sleeping most of the time even when I am not tired.Slowly slowly I never knew when I started living a life of indiscipline and became really irresponsible.I was called a lazy guy by my siblings.They always kept waking me for my important assignments.I really feel bad for not listening to them but I became a spoilt brat.I went to school late everytime and because of this I got punishment everyday because I never got ready on time for school.Whenever my mom asked me to take her somewhere,she had to wait a lot for me to get ready.Sometimes I got scolding from my brother too for not doing anything after I completed my college.Then we had frequent fights at home because of my irresponsible behaviour.Then one day the quarrel at home took which completely changed me.I got fed up of my own behaviour so I decided to change it.It was not easy for me because I got habituated to my behaviour.So for this my elder sister asked me politely to change my daily routine because these small steps lead to big changes in life.For this ,first I made a schedule to get up early in morning.For this my sister helped me a lot on every step.Then on a paper I wrote down the schedule,to eat,to sleep and to work.I had no work,So she asked me my interest in work and accordingly she told me to find my calling.I started my restaurant.Gradually I got some number of customers and then more.I started being busy in my work and loved spending time.Now I started getting up early and found my starting of day interesting.I loved everything about my life and now my siblings,my relatives everybody started appreciating me.I felt great and more motivated to  do my work whole-heartedly.I started earning and helped my family also.My life completely changed.I am a more happier and responsible person now.I love the guidance I got from my sister.She helped me a lot in becoming self-dependent.I am a working person now and looking forward for more work,I have become work-hungry now.

Life should be lived on our own worth.Because the reality of life is that noone do anything for anyone in this world.When we cant do anything for anyone then how can we expect others to do any favor for us right?Noone can be with us everytime in our lives and someday or the other we have to become self-dependent in order to help ourselves and our families.Life is a beautiful journey and to enjoy it to the fullest we have to learn many things,which can make us capable of making our lives better.Life should be lived with higher self-respect.Sir Utha Ke Jiyo~ http://www.hdfclife.com/

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