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Today what I am is because of my optimistic attitude towards life because I was not the same guy,and I was more of a pessimistic attitude.Anybody could easily let me down and my confidence level was low.But from the day I have started believing in optimistim,I feel good about myself.Feeling good about oneself is what is more important in this lifetime.Noone can make you feel as good about yourself as you can.I was self-motivated and that led to my success.A person without positive thinking can not even take the first step towards his/her success.Because it is only our optimistic thinking which motivates us,inspires us to take a step further with enthusiasm.I drive optimism in my life through spiritual books that constantly guides us to do what is right and when we do right in life,we get the confidence to stick to our decisions,no matter how hard the path is going to be.One should beleive in his/her capabilities and should infuse great amount of optimism inside him to become what he desires to become.Whenever I dont feel any good energy in me,I try hard to get motivated through various books which guides me.Books have always been my best friend and I feel great that I had and have interest in reading spiritual book which gives us so much postivity to live life.I think nobody can give us positivity unless we want it.If we have decided not to get motivated with anything happening around us,then we wont get motivated.We need great amount of effort to make ourselves motivated on daily basis.Every thought in morning should give is a message of being optimistic ,then only we can master the art of optimism.
Optimism can be found in many things and people.We just need to bring it in our life to make our lives better so that we can lookup everytime we feel sad or whenever we get feeling of being a looser.

Optimism doesnt come easily,we need to constantly remind ourselves of moving ahead by keeping our targets in head.We need to train ourself to learn optimism.Optimism is an idea which can do wonders in our life.It is a thought which makes many thoughts positive.We can see optimism even in the kids who try to learn so many things everyday with so much difficulty.In my family too,I see optimism in my brother's kid who keep doing something or the other to enjoy herself.She try to learn so many things at the same time without feeling tired or failed.Be your own motivator and make thsi world full of optimism.Life is all about observing optimism and making it part of life.

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