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Changes are for Good and We Should Keep Bringing Changes!
We all love changes because changes are for good.These small or big changes makes our life better in  long-term.I too have taken many bold steps in my life which contributed in making my life a more comfortable journey.It was a very big change for me as I bought a new house with my own hard-earned money.I always wanted to have my own house because the old house we used to live was on not that big and the members in our family were more.We had to adjust accordingly,we had no space for playing our favourite games in free time,we had no separate room for studies and no-attached washrooms which is a neccessity these days.Everyday I had to accept these realities.I was not sure what step should I take.Investing my all money in buying a new house was a big and bold step and I was confused whether I should spend all money in one go.But I cleared my doubts when I saw that my family members will be able to live a comfortable life.The idea of their happiness made me take this bold step.

I knew that I have earned the money in so many years with all my efforts of working day and night so hard.But my family's happiness was my first priority and will always be.I consulted with all my friends on which city would be appropriate to buy a new house.I did not wanted a very big house but I wanted to buy a house in which atleast we all members can have a separate room and we can study with peace without any disturbance from the roadside like in our old home.My friend introduced me to a flats-dealer and finalised the deal for a good discounted price.I was lucky man who could buy a house for my family.It was a bold step for me to go in a new house but I was more dedicated to  work hard so that I can meet the other needs and demands of day to-day life.I am saving money so that I can pay the loan which I took for buying home.I use money very wisely.My new home makes me feel good everyday as it gives me a sense of achievement.
I developed more confidence in me and I started motivating other people too to achieve their dreams.
Now I am doing what i always wanted to do in my life.I am living a better life and I have no regrets for the past which I left behind.
We all can #StartANewLife by taking accepting some new changes in our life ~

Thank You:)

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