How to make MaxFreshMove

There comes a time in our life when we feel that we're missing out on life,Right?Yes,we all do get this feeling many a times.I get it quite often and need to remind myself sometimes that I am missing fun in life.It's a wake-up call to remind ourselves that life should be lived in a best way.So here I will share some of my cool tips on how can one spice up his/her life.The awesome way to make our life more exciting.So stop postponing the happiness and get addicted to music and dance.Yes,music and dance has got everything that we all need to spice up our life.Stop procrastinating life for work and studies.Dont try to shutoff your heart.Screaming,dancing and singing altogether gives meaning to life and its celebration.Because these things makes us able to express how we feel.I know most of you agree with me on this.When we sing it brings the happiness that we all are carrying inside us.When we dance we show our expressions how we feel.And even doctors say that it is very important to express ourselves be it in any form and what can be the best form than dancing .And then I made my MaxFreshMove.How?Its as simple.I stopped thinking and started acting from heart.I just whatsapped all my friends about the party venue.They were in state of surprise that why this sudden party when there is no reason or anyone's birthday in family or our friend's group.But just to break the routine,I organised this surprise party for my friends and family.

When they all arrived I introduced them to the special performers for a special party.I also told him the reason behind this gathering.And the reason was to feel fresh and do something new in life.We enjoyed the party to the max and we could see the dance moves of All Arjun who is famous for his rocking dance and Anushka Manchanda whom I was meeting for the second time.I met her first in our college annual fest.I found that dance gives me instant energy to carry out my work in coming days and who doesnt like listening to good music.
I am in love with my life more after spending some great time with these great performances.They did their best to energize the situation.Have you seen their performance yet?I am sure you will love it!

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