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I spend most of time reading fashion tips so that I can also share the useful tips on my fashion blog too.There are many websites where we can easily get fashion,beauty,skin care tips but do you girls know from which website you get tips for everything from fashion to beauty,from child care to family life and almost on every important thing.I read this wonderful post at RewardMe in which 6 wedding season essentials are explained so well.Wedding season brings lots of fun but we need to take really good care of ourselves during wedding season as we forget to take essentials items with us due to hectic days.We need to keep our things ready before wedding season because during wedding season we completely forget about other things except the makeup and dress.

Weddings season seems like a big task for me and may be for some of you too.So many things are going on in our head and most of the time we forget the small yet so essential things.

These tips are for all,for bride,for the groom and for the mother of the bride.Six must-have items for wedding season are listed in this wedding special post.

1.Sweat Protection-To make sure to stay dry,people attending the wedding should use good anti-perspirant.

2.Versatile Jewels-Statement Jewelry is a great way to breathe new life in older outfits.We can reuse the same dress for different weddings by giving it a new look with costume jewelry.

3.Silky smooth legs-when we're showing off our legs in a dress,we want to make sure that they're smooth because its terrible to feel the fabric of the dress against dry skin.

4.Statement Clutch-A clutch is a must for weddings.You can try beaded or vintage-inspired purse instead of plain leather clutch.

5.Minty Fresh Breath-A small container of mints is essential.

6.Shady chic frames-A great pair of sunglasses is a must for outdoor weddings.

These types of useful posts reminds us of the important things for important occasions.Reading such posts and noting down the best tips is always a good idea.I really loved this posts and some other posts from this website.

I have found all these tips really useful.Did you find these tips useful?
Which is your favourite website for some cool fashion tips and tricks? Also share your tips for wedding season!

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