Best Father's Day Gift

Hi friends!
Have you decided gift for your father yet? am not talking about any costly gift for which you will have to spend lost of money but a gift for which you will just have to open your  heart.Yes ..the best gift for every father would be a gift of hug from his son or daughter.Children are important for every parent.We grow up listening to their advices.Whatever we are in life,we are because of our father who always stood by us in our difficult times too.Who always played the role of guide in our complicated lives.The person who never asked for anything in return for giving us unconditional love.I remember that day or my birthday when I wanted a packets of my favourite toffies to distribute in my school.I went o my father like always and he was ready with one packet of toffies.I was stupid that I could not see his love behind all this and rather I started speaking in loud voice that why didnot he bring the two packets as one packet for all classmates was not enough.And he did not speak a word in reply.When I came back my mother told me that our financial condition was not that better and still father brought one packet of my favourite and very costly toffies.After hearing all this I felt so angry on me for my bad  behaviour.I could not go back to face him again and till today I regret my behaviour.But I know how to say sorry for my behaviour and how to say thanks for everything he did for my making my birthdays special.

I will hug my father this father's day and will make him realize that his son really cares for him and will never let him down in life.I will always do everything to make him feel proud.I will become the best son who will take care of him no matter what.Now I have started earning and I know how hard it is to earn money and I also realize that how my father always arranged those packets of toffies for me on my every birthday.Its my turn to do something for him .I will wrap my father and will never forget to hug him everyday because he never left me alone and never stopped hugging me when I was a kid.

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.


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