Hug Your Dad

Hi readers..
Excitement has really begun because its time to pamper our dad with some precious gifts.The best father's day gift is the one which you don't have to unwrap.Hug is the best gift because hugs are a great way to express affection.Hugging shows that you care about a person and that you support that person through good times.We all need hug to feel loved and closer to our loved ones.
There can be many gifts for dad but the best gift is always a hug because hug makes him feel that he is important in your life.Our father work day and night to provide us better life.For him our happiness is the most important thing.I remember when he used to take me to school and also used to bring me back on his scooter.He woke up early so that he can drop me to school.He never got late in picking me from school.I never had to wait.He could complete his studies only till 12th class and could not get best job easily.But still he did so much hard work and raised me and siblings so well.He provided us education and I remember he used to handover me the fees on time.For my fancy dress competition,he made my dress and I was so surprised to see my father's creativity.I always keep saying to my brother that daddy loves me more as I am the youngest family member.And I feel so good about it.I know parents equally love their kids but still I like saying that daddy loves me more.
But if we all kids love him and show him this with the gesture of love which is tight hug,then he too would feel loved.We are successful in our life because of our parents and it becomes our duty to keep showering our endless love and respect on him.He is the strong man who always stood with us in our crucial time.He is the one who feels happy to see us happy.

We can buy so many expensive gifts for dad with money but the real gift is a tight hug which he really needs and we also need hug from the man who made us man.He never travelled in car but when I entered college life he gifted me a new car.He bought from his hard earned money.He gave me all life's luxuries but he lived a simple life.My father is my best friend.The best gift for him would be a tight hug.

This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.


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