Hi everyone!
Combination of music and dance is the best combination of all we have ever-known.Without this combination there would be no fun in life.We need to constantly keep the fun and excitement alive in our life.Last week we all friends decided to meet on weekend.Everyone seemed so stressed with their day to day work pressure and no one was same like before.I was thinking that college days were fun when we had college parties after every month.We all were so excited for those get-togethers.But now everything looks like a history.The fun we had seems like a far dream because nobody gets time to refresh themselves.But I couldn't see my friends in this condition so I got the solution for it.I decided to plan a surprise for them all.I told them that on coming sunday we all have to meet at my place for lunch.Then I arranged passes for All Arjun's and Anushka Manchanda's show in Delhi without telling my friends about it.
When they came to my place I told them that we are going for lunch outside and I took them all to the event area.They were so surprised to see all this.But I could see that the freshness which they lost due to busy life schedule is coming back now.I was so happy to see them energized.But the real surprise was when we all started dancing on Anushka Manchanda's songs and did same dance steps like Allu Arjun.We were dancing just like we used to dance in college parties.We went crazy and the day was full of masti.To keep these memories with me always,I clicked lots of selfies with my best friends.That day made me realize that how important it is to stay fresh to live life to the fullest.
Our one week sold situation completely changed and we felt energized and we were ready to face life with great enthusiasm.We could not stop talking about the lovely event that we attended.We decided that from now onwards we will take out time every weekend or once in a month to get-together and brings back the freshness that we have lost somewhere.
Life is to spread freshness all around and the best way to do the same is to listen to great music and dance.What is your idea to energize your life?

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